2016 Proton Persona VVT 1.6 from Malaysia


Better buy other car lah...


1. Dashboard rattling sound 4 months after I bought it.

2. Bumping sound from the front area, most probably the absorber or ball joints, if anything.

3. 'Periodic Maintenance' sign will appear 500km before service, and it can't be removed by other service centers, which means you have no choice but to go to a Proton Service Center.

General Comments:

1. Faster car than my previous Perodua Alza.

2. A bit tight on space compared to the previous model of Persona/Persona SV (in Malaysia, not the UK's Proton Persona, which is the Wira in Malaysia).

3. Fuel consumption is OK compared to my previous Perodua Alza.

4. Annoying sounds appeared after 4 months compared to my Perodua Alza, which is after 4 years.

5. Annoying car club appears after this model is on the road.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 31st October, 2017