2004 Proton Saga LMST 1.3 Magma from Malaysia


Economically priced car for the average driver


Windscreen wipers are noisy. My mechanic diagnose the problem as a faulty wiper arm. Unfortunately the situation has yet to be remedied. It presses the wipers at a weird angle (seriously, just visually observing them you'll notice that both aren't following the same angle) thus wearing out replacement wipers in a short time.

My left rear door doesn't appear to be properly installed. Most of my passengers sitting on that particular side often thought that the door is stuck.

General Comments:

Decent power for its class.

It's a 4 seater though it's a bit snug, but I'm 6" 2, so that may be the reason.

Fuel consumption is comparable to the Japanese marques.

No frills design makes for a minimalistic driving experience.

Ample boot space and the back seat is collapsible.

Spare parts readily available. In Malaysia, at least.

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Review Date: 15th January, 2008

2004 Proton Saga 1.3 from Malaysia




The front lower arm of the car was replaced when I sent it for the 1000km service (Proton claimed it was manufacturer's default).

Battery was not functioning by 6000km.

Air-con need to be serviced after 1 month of purchase because the vehicle smoke could enter into passanger cabin.

Seats making noise after 2 months.

Spare tyre is not the same spec as the other 4 tyres. Proton claimed this was standard procedure.

General Comments:

Please consider buying other cars.

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Review Date: 7th October, 2005