2008 Proton Saga BLM 1.3 Gasoline from Malaysia


Best value for money car for the Malaysian market


1. IAFM actuator rod wear after over 10000km causing unwanted noise. No unusual power loss observed & was replaced free of charge by the service centre. Repair works done within 30 minutes. Service centre replaced old metal type with a new plastic type (surprisingly it's quieter)

2. Driver side power window button faulty (not sensitive, require extra force to operate). Problem was detected by service centre personnel (I don't even know it was faulty) & replaced accordingly free of charge.

3. Driver side rear drum brake hydraulic actuator (cylinder) jammed after over 25000km; although rubber boot still in good condition, suspected due to my driving habits (sudden pull of handbrake to perform short drifts). Problem detected when rear brake emits unusual noise when cold. Service centre replaced actuator free of charge.

General Comments:

Poor cabin insulation of engine noise. Proton please add insulator mat on firewall for newer models.

Engine is very capable at mid range rpm, however generally poor at lower end and tops at around 6000rpm.

Transmission is designed for city driving, generously boost low end acceleration at the cost of poor fuel consumption & engine noise at high speed. My engine runs at 3800rpm while cruising (120km/h) on the highway. Very noisy at this speed.

Suspension is very well tuned, does not jerk at bumps (unlike Myvi) & almost no undesirable rebound at high speed cornering. I must say the handling is fantastic for a car this cheap, grabs the road very well on DRY loose asphalt/light gravel. It saved my life once when I had to make an emergency 80 degrees turn at 60km/h on an unfamiliar dusty road, I had a little understeer after jamming the brakes, but in a controlled manner.

Brakes are horrible, this car seriously needs ABS. On hilly WET roads this car is susceptible to unwanted & dangerous skids. Sudden braking on a wet road would bring your steering to no use (complete understeer, although better than an oversteer, but still is dangerous).

Bumpers are very tough, I crashed into a Proton Wira, completely wrecked the Wira bumper, but my bumper only suffer 2 tiny (2mm diameter) paint chip-off & a little almost unnoticeable deformation. Good job on this!

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Review Date: 28th March, 2010

2008 Proton Saga BLM 1.3 from Malaysia


Engine little bit noisy during acceleration (from gear 1 and 2 only).

Problem : Rubber door sticking out, door striker (lock hook) crack, light bulb and fuse easy to burn during first 10,000 km. However it was covered by warranty (except bulb and fuse cost me 1 dollar / Ringgit Malaysia (RM) 1 per piece)

General Comments:

Very good value for money.

Good for a small family with 2-3 kids.

Big luggage storage, for the small sedan category.

Fuel consumption quite reasonable, 15 km for 1 litre for moderate aggressive driving.

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Review Date: 21st November, 2009

2008 Proton Saga M-Line 1.3 petrol from Malaysia


I am happy with the car


After running the car for the first 1000 km, I noticed a high-pitched jet sound coming from the engine compartment at 80 km/h. It gets irritating to the ear if you are driving for a long time. The sound stopped when I put the gear to neutral while driving at 90 km/h. So, the sound should come from the gear box because I couldn't hear the noise when accelerating the engine to 2000-3000 rpm while stationery. Service dealer confirmed the sound, but had offered no solution to date (sigh).

Tat tat tat sound coming from the 'IAFM' module. It was replaced free of charge and problem solved.

At 120 km/h, the steering wheel wobbles. Service dealer refused to rectify the problem as it is not within warranty specification. Instead, advised me to have all the four wheels balanced at my own expense.

General Comments:

For a 1.3 cc car, it is powerful for its class. The engine is responsive, but needs to get used to its drive-by-wire technology.

It is RM10,000 cheaper compared a to Perodua 1.3 Myvi.

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Review Date: 16th January, 2009

11th Jun 2009, 19:40

I am quite impressed by the new Saga... I prefer the Perodua Myvi to the saga, however after I test drove it the Saga is a fuel efficient car compared to the Myvi, better handling and lot of space, however I don't like the audio system. I recommend this car for a young executive and first car buyer... well done Proton!

2008 Proton Saga M-Line 1.3 Campro from Malaysia


Excellent value for money


Absolutely nothing on the car has failed. No squeaks or rattles or anything loose.

General Comments:

Extremely good value for money car. It handles so much better than cars more than twice its price in Malaysia. Has great stability on the highway, and goes over holes and undulations in the roads with a reassuring thud rather than a crash.

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Review Date: 11th November, 2008

16th Jun 2011, 23:20

... It handles so much better than cars more than twice its price in Malaysia...

Are you kidding??

Unless you are comparing to the old 80's car, otherwise you have probably never driven or owned other car makes in today's market.