17th Oct 2005, 22:20

Funny you should mention 2nd gear problems. I and a fellow Tiara owner have or are both having problems.

His would not engage and he sent it to a mechanic who wanted to sell him a new gearbox until my friend told him "no way, put it back together" whereupon the mechanic told him it was already fixed without the need ti install another box, but we do not know what he did, but it works.

My 2nd gear is very reluctant to engage without 'crunching' so I suspect the syncromesh cone is worn out.

Are they hard to replace. Worked on a lot of gearboxes, but never front wheel drive. And having trouble tracking down a workshop manual.

Also. The jack up points down side of car will not raise front wheels and there does not appear to be any others.


13th Jan 2006, 03:14

If you already bought a TIARA, it is a sad story.. Good luck to all you Tiara-ians out there.

25th May 2006, 04:04

I am planning to buy a Tiara after looking at many positive feedbacks.

Discussed with many tiara owners and have made up my mind of getting it.

27th Jul 2007, 02:45

Hi everyone... I was offered a 1998 Tiara at 3k. Do you guys think it's a good bargain... I mean what's the point of buying at cheap price and later I have to spend a lot for the spare parts... Please help me out with some information.

10th Aug 2007, 09:49

Hi, few weeks ago I decided to seek for an economical car for daily use. it about time when someone want to sell a '96 tiara for RM3000. After reading reviews on tiara I decided to go for it, but sadly the owner changed her mine.

Can anyone tell me roughly how much a good condition would normally cost or better where to get one. I went to a local dealer, he quoted me RM4500 for a 96 tiara with mileage over 100000km.

14th Aug 2007, 09:57

Bought a 1997 Tiara for RM3,500 recently which comes with 4 brand new tyres and new clutch for use as second car. Overhauled it changing the piston rings, timing belt, gasket, drive shaft rubber boot, gear oil and engine oil and brake pads. Cost of spare parts alone-RM800.Had to change the radiator cause its leaking for RM500.Spare parts although a bit expensive cause they are made in Italy, France or Spain, but readily available in Penang. Now runs like new, shouldn't be giving any trouble in the next couple of years. Consider it a good investment.