1995 Proton Wira xli 1.6 from Singapore


For what I have paid, it's hard to find a better deal


Don't exactly know because I have change all brakes pad, suspension, rims, tires and battery upon taking possession. Also it has gone for a complete service and tuning up. During the brief test drive, I do not notice anything ad-mist except that it feels a bit of a drag. (understandably, I am used to 2.0 litre model)

General Comments:

The car is pretty impressive physically as it is pleasing on the eye, spacious for its class, packed with useful features and a generous boot. Not much is needed for exterior enhancement, just keep it clean and waxed and it looks attractive enough. Forget those wings spoiler or protruding skirts for she will loose that quiet elegance.

She performs relative well in handling, ride comfort and acceleration comparing with other in her class and price range (perhaps a margin above her price range). I did some minor improvement works to the engine drive train and managed to get an impressive 0-100 kmph around the 10 sec mark. She is a tint too light to go above 150 kmph despite armed with harder shock absorbers, hence I floored the accelerator with 4 average adults on board and clocked 178 kmph on the speedo and still handle safely.

My trouble probably start after the 2nd year ownership where most of the above work is done. By the end of the 3th year, she starts to fall apart at the seam. Hi-Fi, power windows and air-con start malfunctioning. Rattling began to be noticeable, several bolts came loose and eventually she finally gave in.

Into the workshop she went with my fortune. Out she came with brand new gearbox, motherboard, air-con servo+control unit+compressor, engine mounting, tires, pulleys, alignment and top overhaul. Power windows and hi-fi were left undone as I am way exceeded budget.

She felt tight and brand new after that and goes like she is supposed to, but only for a week. Some "censored" driving a truck reversed into her rear and left an unsightly dent on the boot cover which I discover going back to the carpark after a meeting. That was the last straw and I drove her to the car dealer the next day.

I now drives an old Bavarian machine which I absolutely love. A couple of months back, a friend who drives a Mits Lancer told me "Joe, I saw your old car zoomed past me on the expressway today. That guy who bought her drives the way you do". I just smile, but in my thoughts "Its the car you idiot, not the guy, he just got a MIVEC in disguise". My friend's comment gave me a warm feeling and I miss "that" Wira of mine.

So Wira owner or to-be owners, I have this to say. Wira is a good car by all means. It didn't work out for me is because I am a car wrecker. Just respect her limits, treat her well and she is likely to serve you till the expiry of your registration. By choosing a Wira, you are a step above because she is economical to run and maintain and she look pretty good.

As for me, I drive decently now because the Bbavarian is damn expensive to mod/repair and there's a child-seat now. I think proton has come a long way since the Saga days. The refinement, attention to details, technology and quality can match most other manufacturers (noticeable in the Waja).

I do keep an eye on Proton's vehicle as they represent good value for money. Given time, the image may also improve. Currently, my dream car from this manufacturer is the 1.8 carbon fibre "Lotus Exige". But it just a dream now as it is impractical on my finance resources and family needs.

Many thanks to my ex-Wira for seeing my through the lowest down turn in my career period.

I was un-employed for almost 2 years and needed a car for my new job then. If the situation is replayed, I will still choose a Wira XLI, but adopt better driving habits.

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Review Date: 7th August, 2002

16th Dec 2002, 02:51

Sniff... The Wira is a much better car that the Waja, trust me.

29th Mar 2003, 17:42

Hi, I have been searching on the internet about help on this car and finally I got some good comments. I always wanted to buy a Mitsubishi Lancer 92-96 version or a Honda Civic 1995. My friend got a Honda Civic 1995 and for not buying it like his I decided to buy the Mitsubishi Lancer. I have seen some lancers, but they where looking to expensive for year and kilometers. So this dealer took me to this car the Proton Wira. The model is exact and I am very happy with it. It is second hand and it has only 12,000 km on so it is practically brand new. The price isn't too much so I will probably buy it in the next few days. The only different things is that it is Manual and that it has no extras except the power steering. But still I already checked about to make the extras to is since this car is to luxury not to have the extras... Thanks.