2000 Proton Wira GLi 1.3 fuel injection from Malaysia


Satisfied with a car that cost only 47000+



General Comments:

I saw some drivers claimed that some modifications to the air filter, cable plug and exhaust system gives better performance to the Wira 1.3GLi. Is it true, and worth doing so, such that there are no side effects to the car, since it's a fuel injection type? I really need some comments

from those who have done those minor modifications.

Basically, I'm owning a Wira 1.3Gli year 2000, and it's quite a good car. Underpowered defect only becomes an issue after it's 5 years old.

Hope to hear from you guys and thanks...

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Review Date: 18th December, 2005

1st Jun 2006, 08:33

My 1.3 Wira A/B bought in 2001 but manufactured in 2000 is now 5 years..I've installed grounding wire sets (RM100), air intake Compressor (RM100) can be found in Brother's outlet, a 4-2-1 manifold without further modifications to the exhaust system (changed due to original exhaust manifold cracked) and regular service and changed of NGK "Y" type spark plugs still produce reasonable power...I'm plannning to changed the spark plug cable to a better type, but do not know whether it does have any effects.. but one thing for sure changed the gear box system to a 1.6 model and request the mechanic to grind the flywheel a bit thinner for reduce the stress and better responsed... The mechanic told me all this can be done with RM500-RM600+

18th Mar 2012, 21:01

Does anyone has done this?

Please share your opinion, since I want to do economic modifications for my 2002 Wira 1.3GL for a better drive.

Thank you.

2000 Proton Wira GLi 1.5 SOHC from Malaysia


What you pay is what you get


My engine needs overhaul at 30000 Kilometers

The absorber needs replacement when just only driven for three months.

The signal lights above the bumper always falls out. I got replace at no cost.

General Comments:

The engine is not powerful enough for 1500cc car.

The car handling is reasonable.

The braking system is really poor. The car always slip when braking very hard. ABS strongly needed.

The car is also built by cheap metals. When crashed at high speed, the car is completely out of shape.

However the car is comfortable.

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Review Date: 6th February, 2004

21st Feb 2004, 04:21

I think Proton is doing very well in their job. Well, what I wish to say is... the Magma engine is designed for fuel economical drive, but not for 'drag racing' so high performance (horsepower) is not your first option. Every car will turn into a piece junk under high speed collision. Every car will slip when braking hard unless you have a better skill to control or pay some more for the ABS. It depends how you drive the car. If you drive the car like ‘rally style’, I’m sure a brand new car will turn into a grandfather car (damaged suspension, vibrating dashboard etc). What’s the major problem from Proton is the lack of experience in manufacturing car (less than 20 years). I’m sure there are still lots of room for improvement can be done. If you have lots of complain about the Proton car…. why choose Proton?