26th Aug 2006, 21:50

Yes... it's true that Proton currently produced a bad quality car. Let say if they are going to increase all their cars, like gen2, RM 80,000, due to no cut costing to their material. For example, no recycled plastic material, I think 80% Malaysians people can't afford to buy it. Average Malaysians salary income per month is below Rm 2000, and cost of living currently quite high especially in Kuala Lumpur. So my opinion is, it's good for Proton, at least they can make you all have a Car. But for oversea Proton, I suggest Proton should make it higher quality, they can afford to buy it if the car is good enough to challenge other cars.

7th Nov 2007, 10:37

You can't blame it because you only have a 1.3GL Proton Wira. This 1.3GL is the lowest grade model among all Wira compare to 1.5GLi, 1.6XLi and 1.8 EXi. So consider the amount of $$ you paid for 1.3 car, that's what you get!!

As for me, I owned a 1.6XLi 1st hand. The sound proof is good for that amount of $$. It has total of 6 speakers, but after I've done major performance part, sound proof with Dynamax & install car audio, I'll say my 1.6XLi is better than any other car manufacturer of 1.6 Liters car on the road.

18th Mar 2009, 23:03

I owned a Proton Wira 1.3 Gli 2000 model. Only complaints are that:

1 fuel gauge faulty (change twice since 2000) and is now a bit faulty again, seem like it's got to be changed every 3 years more or less.

Power window mechanism also faulty, have changed driver's side twice and pillion side once.

Car is underpowered and fuel consumption high (changed to 4-2-1 extractor, centre bullet and twin muffler 1.8 Wira spec rear exhaust + performance plug cable and silver sparks plugs + performance air filter + air compressor)

Only now felt that car is slightly better after spending almost RM3K on these minor parts.

Now have to do something about the sound coming from the outside. Seem that the car's sound proofing is either none or very bad, unlike Japanese models.

Seem like if you wanted to own one for life, then for a long time you have to upgrade the car part by part! Everything or most of it is messy stuff except for the Mitsu engine.