2005 Pyonghwa Motors Hwiparam 1.6L from North Korea


Good and helpful


No mechanical problems have occured.

Failed illumination from the instrument panel. Problem was repaired by a mechanic. It was solely electrical.

General Comments:

This car is manufactured in North Korea.

It was a gift to my family from the State.

I did not know to drive until I was issued this vehicle. The license program took me some weeks to achieve. The vehicle is built in a very modern process by the factory, so the construction is quite good.

Not much gasoline used, but gasoline is very expensive and it's difficult to get rations, so the vehicle does not get as much use as it could.

I have applied for permission to take the vehicle on vacation outside of Pyongyang with my family.

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Review Date: 3rd July, 2006

3rd Jul 2006, 22:13

Wow this is something. Just reading this review because you are from North Korea. I never hear anything about that place except in the paper.

4th Jul 2006, 16:09

Great to see a comment from North Korea.

The described car is a Fiat Serena built under license in several countries including North Korea. The car was a gift from the State. How difficult is it for the average NK citizen to buy a car?