1970 Renault 10 S 1.275 from Australia and New Zealand


Something light, something different!


Needed a full brake overhaul. That's it.

General Comments:

I bought this car in 1991. A green 10S. The S means that they had the bigger Renault 12 engines, a floor choke (rather than the automatic choke), and a rounded dial dash including a tachometer. The couple in Frankston who sold it to me told me that they had bought it for their son, who didn't like it... For a RWC it needed brake work, mainly the master cylinder, and other bits and pieces, to be replaced. These cars have 4 wheel disc brakes.

Unlike our American friend, I can attest that these are fantastic cars to drive! But be circumspect. 1.1 + litres of power,(not 0.7) will propel this unbelievably light steering car to speed limits quite quickly. I could have met disaster doing 80mph (130ks+) near Bordertown; a back tyre blew, and I was lucky that I had only spun off the road and hit nothing. NOTE. Put on good Michelins, don't put on fat wheels, 'cos it buggers up the whole feel of the car!

Great city cars, very reliable, easyish to work on!?, and with a noise of their own. They rust. The front boot is a rust trap.

I have had two, and I hanker to own a third; but they are getting old.

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Review Date: 27th February, 2017

1969 Renault 10 1.1 from Australia and New Zealand



General Comments:

My brother bought a R8 when I was a kid, and totally fell in love with it. Considering my father always preferred yank tanks, this was quite a departure.

When my time came, the first car I purchased was a 1969 white R10. A phenomenal car, and way ahead of its time in Australia, compared to what was available on the local market. Used to drive between Adelaide and Brisbane each year (1400 miles).

Fantastic on the open road, and very economical. Cruised all day at good speed, and the extra luggage in the front boot certainly helped the handling. The motor used to sound a bit like a sewing machine in the boot, but it never let me down.

Used to get 50,000 miles out of a set of Michelin tyres.

Best seats in any car I've had, except maybe the legendary R16.

Also had a R15 and R20. Loved them all, but the R10 has always had a special place in my heart. Got caught one night and had to sleep in the car. Thank god for the fully reclineable seats. This feature obviously had side benefits as well. Never really had any mechanical issues with the car during its life. Love reading other owners experiences, quite nostalgic.

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Review Date: 30th October, 2011

18th Nov 2012, 06:47

I had one of these -- probably my favorite car ever. It didn't go very fast, a gentle lady, but so supple! Rear wheel drive, rear engine. I loved driving it on the winding country roads in upstate New York.

1966 Renault 10 R10 4 cylinder from North America


I liked the R-10 so much I had two of them


I don't remember any mechanical failures with either one. When the second one was hit when I lived in State College, Pennsylvania, the right front fender was badly damaged but nothing else was even touched. The local junk yard had a white R-10 and I simply unbolted its fender and bolted it onto our car perfectly. I recall it was perhaps 10 bolts. $35 and 35 minutes later it was as good as new!

General Comments:

I worked construction one summer and a friend had a Renault R-10. I had a BMW 1600 four door. We'd frequently come across one another on the long road into or out of the work site and his little Renault simply out-handled my BMW! When the second gear syncronizer failed in the BMW and no parts were available in the USA (eventually the garage said they put a Datsun 510 synchronizer in it!), I got an R-10 for myself.

I liked the way it looked, and it sure was cheap to keep. It was great to be able to sit in the drivers seat and crank the passenger window up or down, barely leaning over to the side.

The transmission itself was solid, but the shifter was rubbery. I sometimes guessed what gear I was going to be in when the clutch was let out.

The seats were quite amazing... both the solid construction, the quality of the padding and the outer leatherette vinyl, and their overall shape and comfort. After both R-10s were gone I came across one in a junk yard and bought a front seat out of it. I had to attach wood slats on the bottom for it to sit steady on the floor and I then used it as my "guest chair" in my shop for 30 years. Everyone who sat in it asked, "Wow, what kind of car was this from?"

In R-10 #2, a lime green one I had when living in Colorado, we went to Idaho Springs for some pizza and beer and I had a bit too much. My friend was driving back and when I wanted to turn off and go up to Boulder to play Foosball and have more fun, he just wanted to get back to Fort Collins. As a joke, as we were careening down I-70 doing 70mph in the dark, I turned the car off and pulled out the keys saying, "It's my car we'll play by my rules or we won't play." A locking steering column was not that common then... the steering wheel locked solid. I struggled to get the key back in and unlock the wheel, "just in the nick of time."

The R-10 was not powerful. It was not fast. It was, however, a really fun and satisfying car to drive. With those marvelous seats, four wheel disk brakes, radial tires, a padded dashboard and uni-body construction, I thought the Renault R-10 was ahead of many other cars. The closest recent car to it, in my opinion, is a 1999-2002 Mazda Protege. They have that same "driving a roller skate" feel to them.

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Review Date: 3rd April, 2009

27th Feb 2015, 00:32

All of which goes to show that it's not all about engine size or BHP. There is great fun to be had from a modestly engined, lowish power output, skinny tyred car. This combination can give the driver more fun behind the wheel than any hugely powered super car!!

30th Oct 2015, 20:16

Agreed - some of the most motoring fun I have had is in small engined cars. 2 cylinder Citroens - 3 cylinder Daewoos and Toyotas - anything with the ubiquitous FIAT derived 850/903cc OHV motor - all great fun to chuck around with no threat to license or self, and all at a reasonable economy.