1986 Renault 11 Reviews

1986 Renault 11 TXE 1.7L from Romania

Year of manufacture1986
First year of ownership2002
Most recent year of ownership2002
Engine and transmission 1.7L Manual
Performance marks 6 / 10
Reliability marks 7 / 10
Comfort marks 8 / 10
Dealer Service marks 8 / 10
Running Costs (higher is cheaper) 7 / 10
Overall marks (average of all marks)
7.2 / 10
Distance when acquired140000 kilometres
Most recent distance142000 kilometres
Previous carDacia 1300


Very reliable


Until now, I had problems with radiator (which was leacking badly) and with a pipe. The ignition on the bad or wet weather is hard. That is all and I hope I will not have new problems with it.

General Comments:

I like the car because it is easy to drive with it, easy to handle. It is a medium size car and everything fits perfectly in it. For its age it is running very well.

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Review Date: 8th December, 2002

1986 Renault 11 GTL 1.4 petrol from Venezuela

Year of manufacture1986
First year of ownership1999
Most recent year of ownership2001
Engine and transmission 1.4 petrol Manual
Performance marks 7 / 10
Reliability marks 8 / 10
Comfort marks 7 / 10
Dealer Service marks 7 / 10
Running Costs (higher is cheaper) 10 / 10
Overall marks (average of all marks)
7.8 / 10
Distance when acquired200000 kilometres
Most recent distance255000 kilometres
Previous carRenault 5


It goes really fast, it's really cheap, it beats Opel/Chevy Corsas..


Not too many, let me see what I recall...

The exhaust pipe broke down (I took it through a really bad road).

One of the front wheels "popped" out... but that was my fault (used bad spare parts).

The shocks are pretty bad, every time I hit a hole in the street, it sounds really bad...

Paint job was always mediocre... it was burned out by sunlight about two years from purchase...

General Comments:

...But what else can you expect?... it has never been meant to be a luxury car anyway.

Besides, most of the faults I remember were induced by myself, by forcing the engine or by using bad spare parts.

Anyone that complains about the performance hasn't taken it to the edge. I have managed to make a '99 Nissan Sentra eat my dust!!!. I say you can take on anything as good as a 1.8 Renault 19 (carburated engine).

I love the engine sound, it's one of the best I've heard in a small 4 cylinder engine!!!

OK, I admit that it's not the best handling car in Renault's history... it does better in straight line races, where you can take total advantage of the manual 5 speed gearbox.

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Review Date: 27th July, 2001

Average review marks: 7.5 / 10, based on 2 reviews