1989 Renault 11 GTS 1.4 petrol from Turkey


Cheap car, and deserves every penny


I've had the car for 6 months. I bought it for a cheap price, and spent a lot of money on it.

My car runs on both petrol and LPG. I had misfire; I was told it was the head gasket, but instead I gave it a service; I changed the oil and the oil filter, and also the spark plugs; works perfectly at the moment.

The spares are cheap in my country, and can be found everywhere.

It's an economic car, and it beats a lot of new car at the traffic lights. It has a 72hp engine.

General Comments:

The front seats are are uncomfortable.

I use on LPG, and it always starts and makes me smile.

Reliable car, and although it's 1.4 72hp, I have hit 170km/h on the dial while using petrol.

Cute car, cheap to run, has street credit in turkey, and because there are more 1.0L engines around, people are always stopping next to me (at traffic lights), and rev their engines (to race).

A cheap car, but if I had enough money to buy another car, I wouldn't have bought it. But as an alternative, it's a beauty; I think it's a Turkish road warrior.

I have some little squeaks inside, but who cares, it gets me around. For its price I would recommend it, because it's cheap.

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Review Date: 4th December, 2010

1989 Renault 11 TSE 1.4 petrol from Israel


A real bargain, if you have a sense of humor


The clutch is extremely hard and a lot of strength is needed to use it.

The back window literally fell into the door one day. Cost about 40 Euros to fix.

The seats are a mess. It hurts when you sit for a long time, and the previous owner put seat covers because the original trim disintegrated completely.

One of the rubber parts that hold the engine to the car was torn and had to be replaced.

The mileage counter does not work, so I am guessing how much I drove it, but it says I drove it for about 3 kilometres this last year.

The previous owner never cleaned the carburetor, since she bought it, so it had no power, and the fuel consumption was terrible. A quick cleaning and about a 100 Euros fixed that problem.

The reverse lights didn't work when I bought it, and it cost about 15 Euros to change something, I'm not exactly sure what.

The windshield sprinklers don't work, and I can't get anyone that can sell me used ones.

General Comments:

I bought it for about 800 Quids, or 1500 Euros, and it was one of the best buys I could have made.

I like the car, and although the ride is not remarkable, the power isn't stunning, and it's pretty ugly, It's impossible to find a car that gives you so much for so less (At least in Israel).

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Review Date: 6th October, 2005

24th Nov 2010, 18:36

Having owned a 11 TXE for nine years. I can say the trouble with clutch is the fork arm in the gearbox wears on the end and on the pivot, that's why the cable keeps snapping.

Hope this helps. Tom.