22nd Aug 2002, 12:57

Do not buy any sort of 12. They are all tinny rust-buckets.

If you want a decent 12, then buy a Romanian Dacia 1300, they are much more modern looking.

6th Oct 2005, 22:46

I'm not too sure what Mr Dacia is on about. They are not even available in Australia. From what I can gather, they are a shoddy 12 knock-off that suffer from typical Eastern Bloc quality control.

I wouldn't exactly call this car tinny (they are close to 1000kg and it's all steel) and they don't seem to rust any worse than any comparably aged car. Apart from that, they are very much OK. I have since bought another, which has recently been restored and a lot of the niggles have been sorted out, particularly the minor electrical hassles. Proper maintenance is essential - this is not a 15000km service interval car.

Your best bet would to be find one which has been restored. aussiefrogs.com may help.

19th Jan 2007, 02:40

I still drive my one, yea they do rust, and leaks a bit of oil from the gear box... but then I would not get any other car that will last another 25 years, for the price you pay for R12 today.

7th Jan 2011, 04:23

Just bought 1975 model in Adelaide. Started up and drove to Brisbane, Queensland; approx. 2,300 odd k's. Never even topped the oil up on the entire journey, best drive of my life. I'd forgotten what a pleasure a real car can bring.

I bought a 12GL brand new in 1972, but back then, the fantastic Renault 16TS was the car to own. Today, it's a different story; the simplicity of the Reno 12, means even after 35 years, it's quite common to find one that still offers remarkable economy, undying service, and real character.

Can't stop grinning, and only $1500, boy, it makes my Clio Sport look like it's not in the race. Bring back the old Reno's.