1989 Renault 19 Energy 1.4 petrol from UK and Ireland


One of the most practical hatchbacks of its day


Brake pads needed replacing at 17,000 miles and again at 30,000 miles.

Brake fluid began leaking at 24,000 miles.

Tailgate catch broke at 25,000 miles.

Upholstery began decaying after 30,000 miles.

Interior trim was very flimsy and breakable.

General Comments:

Very reliable, but not very well built.

For a 1400, the R19 was economical and performed well.

Interior space and ride comfort were also good.

Good value at £6,000 for a one year old family hatchback.

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Review Date: 16th April, 2006

14th Sep 2006, 05:22

I had a Renault 19 GTS 1.4 energy from new, and it was the most unreliable car I have ever had. It needed over £5000 of work done under warranty.

I had serious trouble with: engine, gearbox, clutch, suspension and sunroof, and the red paintwork on the roof lost its shine and turned into a matt light pink.

The selling dealer was useless.

The car when running was lively and economical. The steering needed power assistance as it was very heavy.

1989 Renault 19 ts 1.4 energy from UK and Ireland


Perfection, I wish they still made them!


Only ever had to buy a new number plate and light bulbs.

General Comments:

Perfect cheap comfortable easy to drive car.

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Review Date: 17th October, 2005

1989 Renault 19 TXE 1.7 petrol from UK and Ireland


Comfy sofa of an 80s car


Did not always start in the mornings

Steering squeaked.

General Comments:

My dad bought this as his first self-owned car in years.

I liked the car - it was the same age as me and I thought it had character.

The seats were very comfortable, and it's 1721cc engine was pretty quick (about 90hp) for its power. The cabin was very 1980s with grey seats and yellow dial numbers, but this added to its character. I would buy one of these cars, definitely.

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Review Date: 17th April, 2004

1989 Renault 19 TS 1.4 energy from Croatia


I am sorry they do not make R19 anymore!


Bodywork caught some rust around the back wheels.

Paint suffered a lot in 12 year period even when regularly washed and polished. It was non-metallic red.

Car went through 5 accidents and that is how many times the front was fixed. I did only 2 smaller damages on the car.

Gear stick was precise and easy, but the rubber ball at the top broke due too bad sponge material.

Rear trunk was leaking rain from somewhere.

It had very bad brakes. Even I purchased whole new set for all brakes on the car it was still very slow and unreliable when braking.

Engine tends to turn off during winter time and you need to fight it with it manual choke.

General Comments:

It is very good car. I bought it used and it would be much better if I had it while it was new.

It has great road performance and it is very comfortable for city and open roads. It has great engine with 80 HP which is just about great for that car.

It has large trunk and it is very practical and good for family.

The main point is that the car never stopped and never left me on the road.

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Review Date: 2nd April, 2002

11th Mar 2004, 04:56

I had R19 for 15 years (still have it) without problem. The engine was changed after 230.000 km and now (285000km) it runs very smooth. Maybe some rust on rear mudguard. It didn't abandon me for 15 years. GREAT CAR!!!

1st Oct 2005, 10:18

A friend of mine has a R19 and some of your comments about the car, like leaking water and paint rusting and poor brake system. I almost thought that my friend posted that comment! Too bad dough... Cause it truly is a nice car. My friends car already has 240.000Kms, but still purrs like a kitten! He-s got new car now and I'm going to drive the car now, hope it lasts like your's!

1989 Renault 19 GTS 1.4 Energy from UK and Ireland


Decent used buy


Clutch cable snapped at around 55,000 miles.

Coolant pipe leaked at around 60,000 miles.

General Comments:

Coolant pipe easily fixed at home. Dealers attitude towards customers is OK.

Clutch cable snapped at about 55k.

Seats are average, a bit slippery.

Ride quality hard at low speed. Improves above 30mph. Fair bit of body roll.

Basic cabin; no electric windows for example. Electric sun roof motors somehow disconnected from the runners so it won't move. Strange fault!

Boot is large, rear leg room OK. Comfortable and refined at motorway speeds.

I would recommend one, but watch you aren't paying too much and you get one with optional extras. Contemporary TXE specification a bigger bargain. The 19 as a whole is a very dated car, however, so don't expect too much.

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Review Date: 15th May, 2001