1993 Renault 19 16V 1.8 16v Williams from Poland


Really cool car, well spent money


Really nothing unexpected, the previous owner didn't invest much into it, so all the typical stuff that wears needed attention.

Oh, the car has Bendix ABS, which is really unreliable (the power assist sometimes works, sometimes doesn't) in which case the red handbrake control lamp lights up as well as the ABS lamp.

Due to this the car is currently is having the brakes converted to a normal servo-assisted system.

Also the head gasket was leaking some compression gases into the cooling system, so it's being replaced also. Not really a surprise considering the car is 15 years old.

Other minor cosmetic details both inside and out.

General Comments:

Well I wanted one of these for a long time and I wasn't disappointed. The car is really fast, the suspension is adequately stiff to handle it (but not too stiff), and the entire car has a unique feel to it, to me anyway.

Engine surprisingly runs really smooth; doesn't take oil and emissions are OK, gearbox works properly and is quiet.

Performance? It smokes almost anything that out on the roads even today with ease, handles like a dream and attracts attention. Really cool, classy looks and straightforward design makes it cheap to fix if something eventually breaks. I don't mind putting some money into it as the pleasure you get from driving compensates for it all.

I'm thinking of restoring it a little bit in the future (respray, new interior etc). You gotta try it to understand it. The downside? It provokes you to drive fast and do stupid things, so it's not for everyone...

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Review Date: 21st July, 2008

1993 Renault 19 RNI 1.4 from UK and Ireland


What a good car


Brake master cylinder.

Brake pads and drums.

Gaiter on the driveshaft.

Starting to rust around the wheel arches.

Paint starting to fade, but not too bad for a 13 year old car.

General Comments:

The car is nice to dive and has not let me down once.

I would say it's a good first car if you want to go A to B. But it's not a sports car, but it is a good car.

My mate sold it me and he bought a Pug 306, but he's had nothing but problems with that. He asked me to sell my Renault 19 back to him. I said no way.

I learned something with Renaults - you get a good one or you get a real bad one.

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Review Date: 3rd October, 2006

19th Nov 2008, 18:23

Up date: cam seal just gone, just found out it's going to cost £100 and the garage said it's common on Renault, 19 1400cc.

Oh well, she's worth it.

17th Dec 2008, 20:53

Oh dear my head gasket has just gone. It was a good car. Bye bye my old friend.

It had done 11700 miles.

23rd Mar 2009, 15:52

In the end I couldn't get rid of it, so I had the head gasket done. She's fine now, and has just gone through the M.O.T.

22nd Apr 2010, 18:35

I have now sold her.

I updated to a Seat Toledo.

1993 Renault 19 RT 1.8 petrol from UK and Ireland


Underrated. I think its great practical transport


Gear lever spring at 98000

Starter motor feed also at 98000.

General Comments:

My 19Rt is totally rust free (and that includes its underside). Since buying it I found out that the 19 is the 1st car Renault made where anti-rust measures were taken seriously - it shows.

Talking to an independent Renault specialist close to my home, I have been told that the only place they ever rust is around the rear arches. I stop this with regular cleaning and a coat of oil on the inner side of the arch lip.

He also told me that cam belt failure is an achiles heal (mine has the 1.8 8 valve engine). Do make sure that this is replaced every 50-70 thousand miles.

If your ignition control module ever fails, don't buy one from a dealer, these are terribly expensive. The Lucas DAB 413 and matching DLB 301 coil are very much cheaper.

My gear change quality was improved by changing the gearbox oil. Make sure that you use the correct Tranself oil as specified - it is materially different to other brands. Again, Elf oils are imported by Bayford Thrust (they have a web site)and the oil is more cheaply obtained from them than from your local dealer. Use a funnel with a long flexible outlet to get the oil in (try Wilkinsons if you have one nearby !). Remember to renew the drain plug crush washer, otherwise your box will leak.

Wanting cheaper parts for your car - try gsfcarparts.

I have no professional relationship with any organisations mentioned in this briefing.

What about the car ? Not the most inspiring car you will ever drive, but it is very practical; mine is reliable and seemingly durable. They are also incredibly cheap to buy. A good mix for most people then !

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Review Date: 15th December, 2005