1988 Renault 21 Turbo 2.0 petrol turbo from UK and Ireland


Cheap French Rocket


Clutch hydraulics died a slow and painful death.

Seized brake calipers.


Sunroof wouldn't open.

Temperamental central locking.

Electric windows seized up.

New clutch needed.

Mammoth oil leaks.

General Comments:

This car was fabulous, quite possible the most fun car I have ever owned.

The torque curve when the turbo kicks in was phenomenal.

Seats are like DFS armchairs.

It feigned unreliability, but hung on until the end, a real fighter of a car - no such thing as limp mode.

Intermittent misfires are solved by putting your foot down.

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Review Date: 21st February, 2008

1988 Renault 21 GTS 1.7 from Finland




I just bought it and it seems to be somewhat trouble-free, although there's almost 200 000 km in the meter. Really comfortable and gives generally a safe feeling. Little rusty around the back doors, though.

General Comments:

It says in the manual that the front axle belt should be changed every 100 000 km's. Any comments on that? Have you had problems with it? Does anyone have an estimate how much this car consumes gasoline? Good seats, lots of space, silent, but strong engine.

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Review Date: 2nd October, 2003

2nd Oct 2003, 07:56

A year ago I sold my 1991 Renault 21 2.0 TXi with 225,000 on the clock. A fantastic, powerful and roomy car, but very faulty. I switched it for the Laguna Estate 1.8 and Renault gave me €4,400 for it, but maintenance and service cost me € 5,200 during the 4 years it had it. Average petrol consumption was 11 lt/100 km (in the city and in the motorway going 160-180 km/h). At 100 km/h in the motorway it consumed 7 lt/100 h, but this was a different engine that yours.

Nick / Athens, Greece.

3rd Oct 2003, 03:15

Axle belts have to be changed on all cars that use them (some use axle chains that are almost undestructible, but are noisier. Belts are changed between 60000 km and 160000 km according to the manufacturer and the engine. At 200000 km your belt was probably changed once. I will recommend immediate change (I do not know the Finnish prices, but in France such an operation would cost 300-400 €). Good luck.

1988 Renault 21 ts 1.7 from Australia and New Zealand


I got a lot of car for my money..


I have had only one fault with this car, this was when the gearbox ran out of oil and ruined the gearbox,

The other things I have done are covered under general maintenance.

General Comments:

The best car I have ever owned

The seats are More comfortable than my 1999 Mercedes

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Review Date: 30th September, 2003

1988 Renault 21 RX 2L non turbo petrol from Australia and New Zealand


Surprising, Stylish


Persistent problem with overheating in traffic jam. Fixed by workshop (after the 4th go at fixing)

Big End Bearings on way out. Knocks a bit, but some oil additive is a temp fix.

The positive earth wire broke somewhere behind dash (Radio memory wire/clock).

Outside trim fallen off the passenger door. Don't know cause, has been fixed.

Syncro-mesh on third not to good, crunches occasionally.

General Comments:

Shocking resale value.

Not too sure of badging... Says RX, but nowhere can I find evidence that a RX21 Renault was ever put out.

No rust at all. Most of life outside, and there is NOT a spot of rust.

VERY good handling for its size. Last car was a Mazda Eunos 100 (Astina shape). Not quite as good, but acceptable.

Recently performance shot (due to bearings going). Thinking about converting to Turbo version.

Nice style.

Seats very supportive.

Parts are MEGA expensive in new Zealand. (clowns of a mechanics took cam belt off, left on a bench and threw it out. 2 weeks for the replacement).

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Review Date: 25th May, 2003

22nd Jun 2005, 05:44

This is in regard to the comment on the badging of the car.

My brother had a Renault which was an '87 or '88 (I forget which), and there was a badge on the side which said 'TXE', but as yet I have not found any information, reviews, or even a picture of one on the Internet...

8th Aug 2005, 11:23

The RX badge is legit. At launch in mid-1986, the 2.0i engine was available in RX and TXE trim levels, TXE being top-of-the-line. GTX and TI versions eventually followed.