1988 Renault 21 Nevada GTS 1.7 injection from Germany


Beloved relic of the '80s


Though I bought this car three years ago, I have never been on the road with it. I have only driven it up and down my driveway. I am nearing the end of a mild 'restoration'. I would say that almost everything was wrong when I bought it!

General Comments:

I found this car in a field in 2012 and bought it for €280. It had been off the road since 2001 and didn't run. It's one of the seven seater models, which I thought would be a 'classic' option for my growing family. I had been looking for a Peugeot 504 familiale and found this.

My first observation would be that now I know why there are none of these left! It was taken off the road in 2001, and only because it was stored in a warehouse for the next nine years (before being moved to the field) did it escape the scrapyard where it probably should have gone.

- Lots of welding to start with.

- New fuel tank straps.

- New fuel tank sender/pump/fuel lines - horrible slimed up fuel tank.

- New suspension all round.

- New brakes.

- Subframe bushes (nasty job).

... etc. Basically a restoration. Parts hard to find. The Internet has thrown up pieces from all over the world. Without the Internet I would be stuck.

And I haven't even got onto the engine! Renix injection/management system would have been probably been OK twenty five years ago, but now a proper headache. I've got it running... sort of, but not constant. But almost there and ready for TÜV.

Probably the last one left in Germany, certainly of the first series. Still a few knocking about in France, but mass culling due to no/low status.

This is now a very rare and almost classic car, so it's not a typical review. I just wanted to add my thoughts and a review from 2015 to show that there are one of two left apart from the more cherished 21 turbos.

Looking forward to actually driving it (eventually!)

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Review Date: 31st August, 2015

1988 Renault 21 Turbo 2.0 petrol turbo from UK and Ireland


Cheap French Rocket


Clutch hydraulics died a slow and painful death.

Seized brake calipers.


Sunroof wouldn't open.

Temperamental central locking.

Electric windows seized up.

New clutch needed.

Mammoth oil leaks.

General Comments:

This car was fabulous, quite possible the most fun car I have ever owned.

The torque curve when the turbo kicks in was phenomenal.

Seats are like DFS armchairs.

It feigned unreliability, but hung on until the end, a real fighter of a car - no such thing as limp mode.

Intermittent misfires are solved by putting your foot down.

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Review Date: 21st February, 2008

1988 Renault 21 GTS 1.7 from Finland




I just bought it and it seems to be somewhat trouble-free, although there's almost 200 000 km in the meter. Really comfortable and gives generally a safe feeling. Little rusty around the back doors, though.

General Comments:

It says in the manual that the front axle belt should be changed every 100 000 km's. Any comments on that? Have you had problems with it? Does anyone have an estimate how much this car consumes gasoline? Good seats, lots of space, silent, but strong engine.

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Review Date: 2nd October, 2003

2nd Oct 2003, 07:56

A year ago I sold my 1991 Renault 21 2.0 TXi with 225,000 on the clock. A fantastic, powerful and roomy car, but very faulty. I switched it for the Laguna Estate 1.8 and Renault gave me €4,400 for it, but maintenance and service cost me € 5,200 during the 4 years it had it. Average petrol consumption was 11 lt/100 km (in the city and in the motorway going 160-180 km/h). At 100 km/h in the motorway it consumed 7 lt/100 h, but this was a different engine that yours.

Nick / Athens, Greece.

3rd Oct 2003, 03:15

Axle belts have to be changed on all cars that use them (some use axle chains that are almost undestructible, but are noisier. Belts are changed between 60000 km and 160000 km according to the manufacturer and the engine. At 200000 km your belt was probably changed once. I will recommend immediate change (I do not know the Finnish prices, but in France such an operation would cost 300-400 €). Good luck.