1989 Renault 21 Turbo 2.0 turbo petrol from UK and Ireland


A family saloon to destroy boy racers


NOTHING!!!! I've put some new tyres on, and done a full Mobil One oil change.

I think if anything, I can just hear a slight whine at 30mph from the rear wheel bearings.. but it disappears at 28 and 32... and no, I ain't selling it.

General Comments:

234bhp, 267 torque, new Ali intercoolers, but much too powerful for a 2wd car, from 40mph + it takes your breath away (but it has to be a dry road or you're all over the shop...)

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Review Date: 8th January, 2001

1989 Renault 21 GTX 2.2 from Poland


I'm buying a house and I need some money.

General Comments:

It's very comfortable, like almost every other Renault car. If I'll be buying another car, I'm sure that it will be a Renault.

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Review Date: 2nd August, 2000

1989 Renault 21 GTX 2.0i from Finland


Most car for the budget - Great comfort, good reliability


Nothing beyond perfectly normal wear to be expected during 7 times around the world travel!

- Replaced or renewed water pump, generator, starter, battery, windscreen, radiator, lower balljoints, absorbers, exhaust tube.

- Gasoline first transfer pump power lead fixed once.

- Cylinder head & valve job at 270K km. Was not necessary but I intended to keep the car for long.

* Never left me on the road *

- Stopped once at -15C at a service station, when unrepaired radiator leak eventually opened fully - my own fault.

(Leaking radiator especially in winter is a BAD idea!)

- Once refused to start at -20C because of probable Renix malfunction. Usually no problems to start in any winter condition down to -32C. Car was outside 8 years summer and winter.

- In general Renix injection system worked well. Some comfort problems with even speed and light pedal, but can be cured by slightly adjusting the trimmer inside the control unit - keeping within pollution standards of course. If Renix shows warning light anomalies they may indicate eg. blown temp sensor.

All repairs were done by a private specialist buddy who knows R's in and out (Brand garages can only charge yet workmanship stinks at times).

General Comments:

Got it as a company car at 55K km, later bought it. Kept it 8 years, then gave to my father, now happily driving it towards 400K km. (Old man had 5 R4s in his time so he's all grins now!)

By my limited experience (11 cars owned), R21 is easily the best car I've ever owned, especially for my below-average budget. Wins hands down when comfort points are added. Spacious family car with enough performance. A joy to drive. Reasonably, few can ask for more reliability than I got with it.

As a comment, R21 can be made to last 500K easily I believe, given attention to:

1) R21 engine head and gasket. It has a small design flaw (oil channels on the "outside"=wrong side at the back end of cylinder head). Do engine top and valves once and you're OK.

2) Annual care of brakes when driving in Scandinavian/winter conditions. All vehicles need special attention here, French, Italian, Spanish maybe a little more.

3) Sensible rust prevention measures, especially winter countries. Late 1980's Renaults are far better than their reputation in this sense, but need reasonable attention.

4) Normal maintenance, eg. all external subsystems that revolve every 100K to 250K km, as is necessary - like in any vehicle.

Level of "special R21 care" is still very reasonable for what you get in return! If R21 does not get its proper attention, at old age and mileage it becomes flawed with several problems that are partially reasons for "bad press".. - This is the difference of a French beauty to MB or other solid German "tanks" who go despite lack of service - but then, there is no joy as in Renaults !

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Review Date: 6th July, 2000

1989 Renault 21 Nevada GTX 2.0 petrol from Finland


I lost one hubcap, they took 531 Finnish marks for new one..Try to figure that!

Air-conditioning works sometimes, but it's not Renault's own piece.

General Comments:

A powerful station wagon with great comfort, also eats GSi Opels for breakfast.

Quite warm, even in Finnish climate. Corners better than Volvo 245 Turbo estate, my previous car.

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Review Date: 17th January, 1999