3rd Jul 2002, 17:23

Hi there, I've had a few problems you've had too- such as the clutch, thought my local mechanic put on a new for just £160 (he's a good family friend), the subframe on my car also rotted through, which I was also told was quite rare, and cost £200 to fix (same mechanic!) other than that, the radiator went at 110000 miles, the the back box of the exhaust at 108000, and Id like to know if anyone has the same problem with wheel bearing on this car- my 21 seems to always have at least one wheel needing a bearing! Other than that, its been a great car... never really let me down. I'm more than happy with it, and you can read my review on this site- 1991 Renault 21 GTS.

11th Sep 2002, 21:30

My 1989 Savanna is labeled Eagle Medalian and has about 90,000 miles on it. Here in the U.S. they are extremely rare. This very practical vehicle handles and rides better than many much newer cars. I have had only a couple minor problems since acquiring this jewel from a local junk yard where it ended up because of a misdiagnosed MAP sensor problem - a detached hose. If only I could locate a new exhaust, or as you call it, a down pipe! The 2.2 ltr engine is exceptional and regularly attains 30 - 32 mpg.

8th Oct 2002, 05:37

Just purchased my 21 Savannah. I needed the extra seats for the kids I have. Brilliantly design on getting in and out of the 3rd row of seats and still leaves you with as much boot space as a hatchback would. I also have had the courtesy light switch problem and the black trim corrosion around the doors. A trip to the scrapy ard for bits has cured this. The gear change is a bit "agricultural" to say the least and the gearstick jumps on takeoff. I may have an engine mount on the way out. Mines a 92 k reg model 1900 diesel done just under the 100K. Cracking fuel economy saving me at least £50 a month in fuel, but I do have concerns over the gearbox... fingers crossed.

31st Aug 2004, 06:23

Renault Savannah.

I bought my Savannah automatic in 1993 when it was two years old. It has now down 93,000 miles. I have been delighted with it. For me, the best thing about it is the unique seat configuration - 7 front facing seats in a saloon.

We have had the odd mechanical problem - two changes of gear box and exhaust, new ignition, new alternator and distributor, amongst other things, - and still the car still smells a lot of petrol! However, we have an excellent mobile mechanic so the costs have been kept to a minimum.

I am hoping to keep the car going as long as I can, at least until my children are too big to fit in the third row of seats. As far as I can seen, there is no substitute model on the market.

28th Aug 2009, 05:20

Renault 21 Nevada diesel (Called Savanna in Britain)

Bought with 27,000 km on clock from hire car company in Brittany 18 years ago. Been running it in Brittany ever since. It's now 20 years old and still going well today (Sept 2009) with 300,000 kms on clock.

A solid, reliable transport. Carries a lot. Incredible fuel efficiency. Wonderful to drive.

Engine excellent, never had a problem.

Gearbox used to jump out of first occasionally when taking away at traffic lights, but has behaved itself over past 100,000 kms.

Clutch still OK and original.

Radiator, have replaced twice, but first replacement was a cheap one that did not last.

Have replaced the alternator at 200,000 with one from a scrapyard.

Replaced water pump at the same time with a new one from Renault (cost 90 euros).

Replaced exhaust pipe once, rear shocks once, front brake pads and rear brake linings once in 300,000 kms.

Replaced driver's door and rear hatch door with ones from scrapyard at 50 euros each (due to being bumped in traffic).

No significant rust, but I keep touching up potential trouble spots as they arise.

Wish Renault was still making them exactly the same. If they did, I'd buy another when this one reaches its 30th birthday. I don't want one of their modern cars all covered in computers.

3rd Oct 2009, 16:54

I had a 2 litre Savannah GTX, and we regularly travelled to southern France with our 3 kids and 5 bikes. It was the most comfortable car I have ever owned and it performed flawlessly. We only got rid of it because of the lack of head restraints for the rear seat, which gave us concern for the kids' safety.

Had no problems apart from a blown inlet manifold gasket that caused the idle speed to be too high. Easily fixed by my local garage. Dead easy to service, and the only car that can get an 8x4 sheet of chip board in the back!

7th Jan 2010, 06:25

I own a Renault 21 GTD with 370,000KM on its engine. I bought it second-hand 3 years ago, and it has given no problems until 4 days ago. On Saturday morning, I went to take the car out of the garage and found that the passenger side real wheel was not turning. I presume that the brakes on that wheel are seized. Has any one else encountered this, and if so, how did you resolve the problem?

Thank you.

31st Aug 2015, 12:32

It's thirteen years since this review was written, and I doubt that this car is still driving around. I am restoring a R21 Nevada/Savanna and I know all about the subframe and tank straps being corroded! These old barges are now museum fodder.