1989 Renault 25 Versailles 2.2 petrol from Australia and New Zealand


Solid comfy poised luxurious road limpet


- Replaced both front shocks when I got it

- Radiator hose burst

- Rear brake distributor unit replaced

- Auto transmission went wrong (flaring between gears). Turned out to be a sensor coil

- Starter motor brushes replaced

- Currently needs new CVs

All repairs expensive compared with say, Toyota.

General Comments:

What a fantastic car.

After my lovely superb handling Lancia Beta Saloon exploded, I spent 8 months searching for a car.

This is the first auto I have ever owned in 25 years of motoring, and I was nervous, but the Renault is great. The auto is easy to down shift and does so usefully on its own if revs fall...

The handling is excellent for a large car and better than many more modern cars I have driven, especially on the open road, quiet, easy to cruise with the excellent factory 6 speaker stereo... a large car with a big turning circle, but poised and stable.

Comfortable; passengers often comment on the roominess, and I love the 80s looking dash binnacle, and nooks and crannies. Finger tip stereo controls and central locking were pretty flash in 1989, but what about the voice synthesized warnings!! Ha ha DRIVERS DOOR NOOORT SHUT! FUEL LEVEL LOW, CHECK AS SOOON AS POSSIBLE! in a plummy english accent, and this car cost nz$75000+ when new! No wonder it was a doctor that originally bought it...

It has a large boot cos the spare tyre is underneath the car, and the fold down rear seat turns a large sedan into a station wagon. I have moved soooo many things in my trusty Renault...

Some of the trim is peeling away around the doors, but then the car is 17 years old... Unlike my Lancia, there were only ever 2 rust spots that hardly grew over a few years before I repaired them, glvanised body bro!...

In New Zealand I think these are seen as bit of an 'old mans' car' but only by people that haven't driven them and it's hilarious to out- corner boy racers in their hissing rasping hatchbacks...

Apparently all modern renaults are junk and my mechanic says he has never had to rebore an engine the transmission etc always die first...

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Review Date: 26th February, 2007

2nd May 2007, 18:56

I have had my 1990 Renault R25 Versailles for eight years, and agree fully with the positive comments on its creature comforts, road holding and versitility, the bodywork is still 100%. The 4 cylinder engine is a real cracker. Inevitably after seventeen years some of the interior door trim is getting a little untidy, there are some leaky oil seals around the engine and transmission and the fan speed control on the a/c is on the blink. While the 1980's styling sets it apart from all others in the local shopping mall car park it still maintains a quality presence. My major problem is what do I replace it with, that will give me the same pleasure of ownership.

11th Jun 2009, 16:28

I once drove a GTS. I loved the looks and the sense of cocooning inside, also the smooth ride. Although very little extra's, I had quite some problems, along them also the starter engine. Technically the worst car I had (and all my cars really get 5 star maintenance, and are driven slowly when engine cold, and so on). But its style and grace were the best. It was a 1989 version, the second one, beautiful. Really too bad they took it way too early out of production, but times they are a changing.

28th Mar 2010, 02:10

This is an update to my original review above... I have now owned this car for 10 years, and in that time it has probably been under cover for about 1 week total! 10 years of Auckland rain, and only now some rust is appearing... it still drives solid and fast... The CV joints are munted... the wiper motor failed (Renault quoted hilarious NZ$833, got one second hand for 50 and did it myself).

Anyway my MAJOR problem is - what the hell am I going to replace this with!? Every car I see designed past about 1992 is rounded, generic and stulifyingly ugly.

Test drove a Merc 300CE; beautiful car, but flops around like a whale... maybe I'll just try and keep the 25 going a bit longer...

1989 Renault 25 GTX 2.0 from Bosnia and Herzegovina


Same as first report

General Comments:

5 years ago I wrote my impression of R25. It is still with me with 300.000 km on odometer and it is still in good mod. Maybe it is interesting what happened to me (and the car) one year ago. The thunder hit the tree right next to me and one part of it hit the car too. In that moment engine stopped working. Later on I found one transistor burned in ECU and replaced it. Another damage was faulty tachometer, which I replaced by used one bought for 5 euro.

So, if you are not electronic expert, don't park next to tree during the storm.

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Review Date: 15th September, 2005

1989 Renault 25 GTX 2.2 from Luxembourg


A pleasure to drive


The brakes on the rear are a matter of frequent repair. This seems typical for the R 25.

Minor oil leakage on the engine and the gearbox.

General Comments:

It's a very comfortable car and has a lot of space for passengers and baggage.

The consumption is very low (8 to 9 liters in a mixed cycle).

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Review Date: 16th November, 2003

1989 Renault 25 V6 2.8 V6 Injection from Lithuania


Truly incredible car for its time


Electronics became faulty after 250000 km. Seat, mirrors' electrical drives often seemed to be dis-functional with no particular reason and later everything came back to normal (especially in cold/moist conditions).

Ignition module lost resistance to moisture after 250000 km. The engine often stopped in winter.

Small oil leakages, particularly, because of the worn gaskets.

Hand-brake cable was quite difficult to replace.

Plastic moldings on the doors don't last longer than 200000 km.

General Comments:

Beautiful, elegant, comfortable, reliable car with pretty good performance.

The V6 engine is very successful. You don't need to hesitate when overtaking.

Perfect handling capabilities. Servo and ABS worked perfectly.

Very pleasant interior. Lots of space.

I love this car. I wish Renault still made them.

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Review Date: 17th August, 2003