1992 Renault 4 GTL 1.1 fuel from Croatia


High performance car


At 170000 1 cylinder started to nock and fuel pump, fuel was liking in the oil, I've fixed that.

Only you need to look is tyres, oil and water and then your car will be OK.

I made a mistake, I didn't look for a oil.

General Comments:

This car has BIG acceleration, for example I counted 9.8 sec to 100km/h and top speed on the racing track 155km/h. He goes quietly at that speed, no shaking, like you are flowing. he handles corners better than some BMW or Fiat.

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Review Date: 29th December, 2003

2nd May 2004, 00:20

I don't believe you.

16th Dec 2004, 18:08

Maybe it's a really modified one. But normal Renault 4s do not fit the description above.

24th Jul 2005, 08:52

No way does a Renault 4 handle corners better than a BMW. Unless you just prefer the way it handles them.

14th Dec 2005, 14:06

Come on!!! maybe if it were a Clio, but a R4? I know lots of people love that car, but its never going to be better drive than a BMW, I am just glad you didn't say BMW M3.

27th Sep 2006, 17:18

I think he is refering to the old 3 series with 4 flat tyres in my back garden.

26th Dec 2006, 22:15

Maybe he hade a motor from renault 5 1.4 turbo!

20th May 2007, 15:42

Ye are you sure about that??

18th Aug 2007, 06:00

Just believe it!

Renault 4 can do it all.

I've got a '83 model, and just 3months ago I've driven it at 137km/h with old tires : (

And it's the best car on the road.

Just don't forget to change the oil again...