1994 Renault 5 Campus Prima 1.4 cat. from UK and Ireland


Unbeatable value for money, but creature comforts are very limited indeed


The brake discs needed replacing after 30K. This was because the car was not used enough and was parked outside. The rust caused uneven wear. Otherwise the brakes are fine.

A gasket that separates the inlet and outlet manifold needed replacing after 50K. The symptoms were fast idling speed (1500rpm) and a whistling noise from time to time.

The car has never let me down yet.

General Comments:

The build quality of the interior is very tacky. Various bits of plastic have broken off the dash. A consequence of value engineering for the last of the cars to roll off the assembly line.

However, the car is very well put together mechanically and should last.

The performance is very good for a car of this class. The light body (750Kg) lets the 65bhp engine pull well.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 31st August, 2001