1996 Renault 5 1.4 8v petrol from UK and Ireland


Whats the french word for magnificent? Must be five LOL


Nothing at all, reliability perfect!

General Comments:

Amazing! Great buy, cheap runner and most of all FUN! I've had so much fun in my Renault 5, and I'm sad to see it go as I am moving onto a 53 plat Clio.

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Review Date: 3rd January, 2007

13th Jun 2016, 23:33

Alors mon ami the word you were searching for is magnifique!!!

1996 Renault 5 Prima 1.4 from UK and Ireland


A good first car and an excellent run about


Initially when I purchased my car the repair costs were expensive despite having full service history. All three sections of my exhaust fell off one by one which at the time was costly to repair. I have probably spent around a third of what I originally paid for it to get it back to good working order. Though for the last two years it has needed nothing doing.

It is quite prone to rust and dents easily.

My windscreen wipers constantly unscrew themselves and fly off occasionally into my wing mirrors.

General Comments:

Fuel consumption is good.

Accelerates quickly and can maintain top speed of 80 miles per hour on a clear road.

Seats are not very comfortable and seat belt is too high around your neck which causes chocking, though this could be due to my height.

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Review Date: 2nd May, 2004

11th Nov 2004, 13:24

This review made me laugh out loud.

22nd Nov 2004, 05:20

Windscreen wipers flew off lol!

9th Dec 2004, 10:33

80 mph???!!! Make that 105.

1996 Renault 5 Prima 1.4 Cat from UK and Ireland


A nippy little beast ideal for first time drivers



Rear Drums.

Dents too easily.

Otherwise a sound car.

Interior noise is above average.

General Comments:

For its class this car is very quick. being 60 bhp it can easily compete with all 75 bhp cars.

Brakes are very good, but ti think that is also to do with its weight.

There is good torque at low revs, but really kicks in nearer top end.

Sticks to the road all the time. Back end can get to happy sometimes, but is easily corrected.

Conditions of R5's are very broad. I am lucky enough to own a very clean example.

Ideal first car as it has a larger engine with low insurance premiums.

Super smooth clutch and gears.

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Review Date: 5th June, 2003

1996 Renault 5 Campus 1.4 petrol from UK and Ireland


Nothing. It has been a cheap and reliable runabout.

General Comments:

This was the last year of production (N reg) and includes single point fuel injection and a catalytic convertor. It has been very reliable but the only downside is the trim level. It is a little on the utilitarian side, but always returns 45mpg without fail.

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Review Date: 13th June, 2000

24th Jul 2001, 11:35

This review is awful. It should get 10/10 for everything!!!