1964 Renault 8 1108ccm from Czech Republic


Funny to drive, nice french design


Fuel pump, brake pads and some minor repairs on the body + new french blue painting.

General Comments:

It has excellent interior and seats, the engine runs great and the four disc brakes are doing very well too...

It's a very solid, cleverly engineered car. It is also quite fast, and on curvy roads in the highlands, it is able to be more powerful than many younger cars.

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Review Date: 6th February, 2007

23rd Oct 2009, 16:38

I also had a 1964 R8 as my first car. I can't remember anything in the car that didn't break.

The first day I drove it, the windshield wiper stopped working in the rain.

The generator would fall off every few days. Oil would spout from the dipstick if it was not in securely.

The brakes gave out on me, but I was most amazed when the dashboard caught on fire as I was driving home one day.

All in all, probably one of the worst cars mechanically ever manufactured.