1981 Renault 9 1.4 from France


A good car to start with!!


The speedometer and one day the back door would not close and when I first got it the clutch did not bite properly. And people thought that I could not drive properly because of this.

General Comments:

It's a nice car and very fashionable. IT HAS become an antique. People toot me as I drive by. (those who have the same car anyway)!!

It's a very comfortable car though, but when it rains it leaks!

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Review Date: 27th May, 2002

1981 Renault 9 GTS 1.4 from UK and Ireland


Quirky fun french filly for pocket money


Bought from a dodgy garage for silly money, the car went fine at first then after a couple of weeks it just stopped on the motorway. AA diagnosed dirt in the carb jets. This occurred at least a dozen times until the fault was traced to residue in the tank coming through the fuel system. After the tank was removed and cleaned the problem was solved.

Clutch went at 78k, nearly 400 quid for a new one and that was not even a Renault garage! Only 2 problems but they were big ones!

General Comments:

I only paid 600 quid for it and after driving a rusty Mini Clubman about for a couple of years I thought I had arrived in the executive league!

Great spec for its time, sports seats and wheel, lots of nice jaeger instruments and alloy wheels.

Had a nice 5 speeder and was a great motorway car, it took me from Manchester to Southern Spain and back without a single problem.

It was 12 years old when I got it and the paint finish was still in very good order and the engine was spot on.

A much more charismatic alternative to an Escort, but beware pricey parts. My local Renault dealer was superb and offered me discounted parts and labour because of the cars age. Think he felt sorry for me and having such an old Renault in good condition at his garage was probably good for business, to show the longevity of the marque.

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Review Date: 20th March, 2001

21st Jan 2009, 13:23

Had a 1982 R9 GTS for 5 years. Great spec and real head turner at the time. Real comfort and economical.

Only problems were dicky clutch cables, and the carburettor needed an expensive overhaul.