1982 Renault 9 TL 1.3 from UK and Ireland


It got me from A to B at least, even if it had no image whatsoever


Not that many in the three years I owned it funnily enough.

Developed an odd phenomena where if I started up, then switched the lights on, the engine stopped: garage traced it to a cracked circuit board. Replaced then fine.

Slight rust around the top of both rear wheel arches (they all went in this area apparently)

Other than the above, only the usual brake pads, bulbs etc.

General Comments:

Mine was one of the first Renault 9's. Interestingly, they were awarded Car of the Year for 1982. I can't understand why. Very plasticky squarish interior, typical of the period.

Overall, it proved to be pretty reliable. Even though it had never been converted, it would run perfectly happily on unleaded.

An interesting car in cross winds, due to Renault deciding to make the body work out of light steel alloy (tin!).

I traded it in 1994 for a Renault 19...apparently, it's still out there somewhere going strong.

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Review Date: 4th November, 2006

23rd Jun 2007, 04:52

I drove an R-9 for years, cheaply made small car, bud very good on fuel.

Head gaskets are always a problem, because the 1.4 engine has the water pump on top, and if the rad gets a little low, it will stop circulating water and overheat.

Unleaded fuel is BAD BAD BAD! Some engines can handle it better than others... I destroyed my R-9 engine when I moved, and unleaded was all that was available. I had done some engine modifications for more power, shaved the head down to get more compression, etc... I was getting almost 40 MPG with it.

Unfortunately, with the bad gas, it started detonating, which, eventually, cracked a piston. That was the end of the engine.

As long as you leave the 1.4 alone, it is a reliable, but underpowered engine. If you build it up, it is a very fun car to drive, but don't use cheap (bad, low octane) unleaded gas.

1982 Renault 9 Turbo 1.4 from Croatia


The real "bad boy"


Some little problems about fuel, but nothing big.

General Comments:

This is a best car I have ever had. It's a real "bad boy". His power is on top.

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Review Date: 3rd November, 2003

1982 Renault 9 TLE 1.4 petrol from UK and Ireland


A bargain car with lots of personality!


So far the only problems have included:

Heater matrix has blocked so when we're driving around we have to wear our woolly jumpers and gloves.

The engine has got a flat spot, so when accelerating it jogs a bit.

The bulb in the fog light switch was flicking on and off, so I disassembled it, and broke it, so ended up replacing it.

General Comments:

This car was given to me by a relative who gave up driving. We didn't want the car at first, but it has proved to be a life saver! It's in daily use now, and after removing the 3 layers of seat covers, discovered a set of un-used seats which was a bonus.

The cabin is fairly big for the size of the car, and the dashboard colours are modern for the age of the car.

The car features a 5 speed box, which is also a bonus for a car of this age, as my '83 Escort 1.6 didn't have one!

I'd recommend this car, despite the fact it has no street credibility, but that could easily be sorted with a splash of metallic paint and a lowering kit. The only thing I'd want to change about this car would be the wheels. It has 13" wheels with replacement wheel-trims. If anyone could send me a full set I'd be happy :) Thanks a lot.

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Review Date: 17th December, 2001

1982 Renault 9 GTL 1.4 petrol from Croatia


Best car for that kind of money!!!


Nothing except the fuel tank, I have to replace it because it was rusted. Generally nothing!!!

General Comments:

This car is the best car for that kind of money. The car drives great and I didn't have any complaints with it.

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Review Date: 14th July, 2000

1st Dec 2000, 03:13

I've got Renault 9 1.1 GTC - I think that it's really good car but my model is rather old (1983) so I have some troubles with rust.

13th Dec 2000, 08:38

These cars under 1987 usually have rust problems which have to be attacked fast, before it ruins all the body work of the car.

The motors keep going past 300.000 until they have to be overhauled.

Great cheap cars.

5th Jan 2001, 05:06

Amazing cars. Why can't Renault build cars like that now?