10th Sep 2001, 06:01

I own a 1989 GTA in Melbourne Australia, brought out from the UK. New set of Koni shocks and rubber, the 2.8 motor has been rebuilt, head ported with a custom built ceramic extractors and (banana shape) stainless steel muffler.

I drive it everyday and love it.

Parts are not a problem.

18th Jun 2002, 08:49

I bought my 1987 Turbo model in 1992 and have used it every day since. Superb performance from a very under-rated car. Build quality isn't that great, but value for money it certainly is. The car has now done 65000 miles and apart from normal servicing has had very little work other than a clutch and a replacement front headlight lens. Well worth trying if you are lucky enough to get hold of a good one.

1st Sep 2002, 05:55

I bought a very sorry-looking, neglected 1989 GTA Turbo two years ago for £4900. The plan was to repair some minor bodywork blemishes, respray it and then own a beautiful, fast car for way under book price.

After a new rad, aircon condenser, heater matrix, heater fan, upper & lower rear wishbone bushes, electrical relays, chassis repair, removal of faulty & un-replaceable ABS, re-plumbing of brakes, re-conditioning of rear calipers, new turbo & water hoses, and new belts it's still waiting for the respray (but that will have to wait 'till the clutch problem & misfire are sorted).

Fabulous to drive and a head-turner, but a GTA should only be bought with a FSH, from a trusted source and after exhaustive inspection.

1st Oct 2005, 13:32

Have recently bought a 1988 non turbo model that had been stood for some time, but with a low mileage of 85 thousand miles. Mechanics of this model are R25/30 parts bin so brakes etc are cheap to replace. my radiator was leaking and this seems a common problem... the whole front bumper assy has to be removed to get at the rad. This is not an easy job as all the fixings are captive in the body and WILL be seized solid.

The headlight glasses are a fortune and again replacing them means a removal of bumper and nosecone... not an easy task. I just hope driving it will be rewarding.

18th Oct 2005, 11:33

Been offered a garaged 1986 Gta for €10,000. only 31000miles from new, is it a bargain.

19th Oct 2005, 01:41

Yes it's a bargain for a garaged low mileage GTA. They're not cheap to keep running however and commitment is a must. But they are one of the great under-rated sports cars.

8th Jun 2006, 15:09

Just bought a red GTA and I love it!!

11th Jun 2007, 17:45

Great car, very underrated with real racing pedigree. Low profile means car is sometimes overlooked at intersections. Preventative maintenance is a must not necessarily a cheap car to run. As name indicates car performs well on winding alpine roads. Fast car with good weight distribution and heap of torque coming out of corners. Love it.