1998 Renault Clio Grande RN 1.2 from UK and Ireland


You get what you pay for!


Sunroof rattle as soon as got it out of the showroom. Returned and got the dealer to replace the handle, but it still rattles.

Smells of petrol when the tank is full. Dealer when servicing suggested that the petrol seals had gone, dealer now says I require a whole new petrol tank, stood my ground on costs, dealer is now forking out 60% of the costs.

General Comments:

Overall more than happy. Cheap to run and cheap to insure..!!!!!

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Review Date: 26th November, 2000

26th Nov 2000, 13:32

Depending on mileage, the dealer should replace the tank at no cost. Say that you can see the fuel dripping when filling up and that will scare them.

1998 Renault Clio Grande 1.2i from UK and Ireland


Pretty good for the money


Sunroof began rattling nearly as soon as I drove it out the showroom. Took it back but the dealer was not able (or perhaps didn't want to) fix the problem.

Central locking also packed in - had to pay 120 quid for a new system.

The passenger chair rattles.

General Comments:

A very comfy car for the money and very smooth motorway driving. A bit slow around town though.

Factory fitted CD system is great - the ability of the speaker coverings to rattle is not so great.

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Review Date: 14th November, 2000

14th Apr 2004, 07:48

The sunroof on the Clio-what can I say-the rattle is really annoying! I bought my s reg Clio last sept and it was the rattle from the sunroof that really irritated me!

To disguise the rattle I would increase the volume of the radio, it kinda works, but then another irritating rattle can be heard, this is the vibration of the speaker covers -you just can't win however in the end I took matters in to my own hands and bought a sponge and stuck it between the handle and the glass, since then the irritating noise has vanished. (the sponge has to be replaced quite often as it goes flat and the noise re-occurs)

I also find that the gear box is very stiff especially when changing from 5th gear to 3rd-the gear will not go in and I end up coasting! the problem is easily resolved by greasing it, but this is a very short term fix as the grease drys up after a few days!

Even though there are these slight faults with the car I wouldn't hesitate in buying another one as the ride is comfortable, the driving position is good, its good on fuel economy and is relatively cheap to maintain and I wouldn't let these faults put you off buying one yourself as it's a fun car to drive!

1998 Renault Clio Biarritz 1.2 petrol from UK and Ireland


On delivery, fuse blown for wipers.

Otherwise nothing.

General Comments:

Great small car.

Limited headroom for tall drivers if car is fitted with sunroof because of lower interior ceiling.

Lookout for damage to headlight glass lenses which are expensive to replace whole headlamp units; plastic covers are available (99 models have plastic lenses as standard).

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Review Date: 21st February, 1999