2007 Renault Clio Dynamique 1.4 16v from UK and Ireland


A posh city car made for the motorway, premium feeling, it blows the competition away!


Nothing really. Engine management light blinked for roughly 15 seconds one morning, but then disappeared as quickly as it came.

General Comments:

Exterior - To each their own LOL, I love the looks of my Clio, mine is a 3-door version in black. Being a Dynamique version, it also has the Mahonia alloy wheels as standard (which I much prefer over the Canasta's found on Dynamique-S models).

Interior - The interior of my Clio is dressed in the Syntax trim, which means the darker colours. A very nice place to be, the seats are very comfortable, and the legroom and shoulder-room are fine. The dashboard is simple, but is very nicely laid out. The car feels very well made inside, and all the controls are very easy to use. The on-board computer is excellent, and the Renault Satellite remote control behind the steering wheel for the stereo is still the best of any car manufacturers. The air-con is only one button, but the whole system works well.

The boot size is good for a city car, though not spectacular...

A couple of nice touches: The electric windows, which still work for about 30 seconds after you have taken the ignition key out, the 'take me home headlights', the rear wiper that comes on automatically if you select reverse gear when the front ones are on, and the cornering headlights..

Engine/gearbox - (1.4 98bhp) Not lightning fast, but pokey enough that you should never be worried about getting past other vehicles. This engine is definitely happier past 50mph or 2500 revs. I would not class it as being made for the city though, as it gets a bit lethargic in town in my opinion. This is a car that loves to be driven around the countryside or on the motorway where overtaking is an absolute breeze. The clutch is light, and the gear selector is firm. All in all, the whole package inspires a lot of confidence.

Steering - Electric with strong self centering, can take a little while to get use to it, but never a problem.

Handling - Not a sporty car of course, but always planted and mature, very reassuring. Feels very safe to drive. Get the 197bhp version for thrills though.

Comfort - The suspension setup is typical French car ie EXCELLENT, and the cabin is so quiet you will feel like you are inside a luxury car! No exaggeration! Mind blowing!

Running cost - Group 4 insurance, and the on-board computer is currently reading 40.9 mpg! Not bad I don't think! Service intervals are 20000 miles.

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Review Date: 16th November, 2010

2007 Renault Clio Dynamique SX 1.2 tce from UK and Ireland




The front passenger side headlight steams up a touch, so it's letting in water. This is getting fixed under warranty.

Apart from that, nothing.

General Comments:

The car itself feels well put together, compared to other cars in its class.

The 1.2 tce engine is a corker, pulls well all through the rev range, and the turbo really helps things along. You wouldn't think it's a 1.2 to be honest.

The driving position is spot on, although the seats do lack a bit of support, and the steering can be a tad on the light side, although you get used to it quiet quickly, and it becomes the norm.

All in all, it's a top car, and I'm very pleased.

If you're getting one, get one with all the bodykit, it makes a lot of difference to the overall look.

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Review Date: 28th September, 2008

2007 Renault Clio Va Va Voom 1.2 3 door from South Africa


Nice little run about!


Slight shudder when idling, but the dealer checked it and said it was normal. Not too sure about that though?

General Comments:

I bought this car for my wife and it is a nice little runabout. It drives well for it's segment and has a neat interior. The back seats are very cramped, but we do not use them except for my small son who finds it comfortable. I just find the fuel consumption is very high for a 1200. I know this is an 8 valve car, but I am getting 9.6 l per 100km on the computer and 6.8 l per 100km is the absolute best I have done when we took it for a 400 km drive into the country to Bulwer and back to Durban. I don't know if any other Clio owners have experienced this, but maybe you could log a comment on what you are getting. I drive a Honda Jazz and get 6.3l per 100km with Urban driving and it is a 1400. The car lacks a bit of power, but drives very well on open roads and in the city. The insurance is low and the maintenance costs are average.

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Review Date: 25th February, 2008