19th Aug 2004, 11:46

Have got one myself, and I have to agree with everything that has been said.

23rd Apr 2005, 11:15

I have a 1996 1.2 Clio Oasis, E-type engine, in dark blue. For a small car it isn't bad at all, especially if you consider its age. I really like how spacious the interior is, compared to most small cars. For the passenger there is a lot of leg room, and there is a nice bit of space between the driver and the passenger. (unlike a vauxhall corsa, where you sit shoulder to shoulder)

It has done over 100K, but still it runs fine. Since buying it 3 months ago I have had to replace a gasket, but that was fairly cheap (35 GBP). As a result I also had to change the oil and filter, a 30 minute job for an unskilled mechanic like me.

No other problems with it so far.

One small thing I don't like is that because of its small engine it doesn't do well accelerating if you are going up even a mild slope. It really crawls when you need to accelerate and the hill is steep.

Fuel economy is good, with over 300 miles on a full tank.

25th Aug 2005, 08:08

Having recently brought a 1995 Clio oasis 1.2, I have to say I am pleased with my purchase. It has done a fair few miles (105k) but the body work is still good, and it still sounds sweet.

It is a comfortable car to drive, and the seats are comfy, soft, no worn well. The only bad things I can say is: slightly slow acceleration, but it does make up for it with how good it is on fuel.

The light, near the sun roof does drip in very heavy down pours.

But over all a good car, cheap tax and insurance.

25th Aug 2008, 14:51

I've not long passed my test and had my Renault Clio RL Oasis 1.2 1995 N reg in Red/black trims for just under a week.

Had just 43K on the clock... belonged to a little old lady.

I put just over half a tank in on day got it and been driving everywhere and anywhere and it's only just gone under half a tank now.

Quite a nippy little so and so and have to watch your speed as it picks up quite well.

Although I could feel I wasn't doing 30mph but the spedometer said I was, once I put the sat nav in I realised I was right and been a good 4-5 miles under the limit... good way to keep under the limit I suppose but annoying to other drivers.

Have to come quite far off the clutch to get the bite point, which in the 1st few days caused a lot of stalling as I'd been learning in a brand new Ford Fiesta and my bite point was just millimetres of the floor. In my clio it's good couple of inches.

Engine looks like new and got 4 new tires. Inside clean and tidy all in working order although I did buy some seat covers as didn't like the grey personally.

Steering rather stiff and have to turn the thing like hell when parking/getting in the drive but again it's down to experience as been used to the luxury of power everything.

Plenty of room for the kids on the back even with booster seats. Would be a squeeze for another passenger in there mind.

Boot space..mmmmm...suits my needs as I refuse to take my kids to supermarkets so have the back seat as well when I go shopping lol. Might cause a few problems when going away but will use footwells and front seat as well as the boot and see how I go with that.

I quite like the outer body work although simple things please simple minds. The paint work is mint apart from the roof (faded) which I'm getting re-sprayed at a mates rates.

So far so good and for a 1st car you can't go wrong.

Cheap to run, cheap to tax and for me was cheap to insure even without pass plus as I'm over 25.

As someone mentioned above, you either have your wipers on or off but not intermittent. Click the lever once gently for intermittent (about every 10 seconds) and all the way down for constant.

If you want your back one to go in time with the front push the lever forward and it will work to the front wiper's setting.

Enough for now.

I'm pleased with my purchase.


23rd Oct 2008, 06:36

I have one and I have done 105 MPH in it.

18th Nov 2008, 15:35

115. I win :)

Although my sunroof leaks on me. I lose..

29th Jan 2009, 08:21

I have had my 1.2 Oasis RL since 97 it is a 95M and has now done 176,500 miles, should do 200K no problem.

Cheap to run, cheap to service/fix and reliable.

Problems over the years, nothing major, as expected timing belt changed twice, also water pump, alternator, battery, rear brake shoes once.

Sunroof can leak needs re-sealing (sealant cost £2) every 3-4 years (will drip through light), some of the dash light bulbs have been replaced and blower motor has been replaced, rear demister wiring was replaced on purchase.

My average mpg over the last 12 years has been 45mpg (400 miles par tank) and I do mostly out of town driving but not much motorway.

Agree intermittent wipers would be good, steering heavy when parking (wife calls it the tank!). If spare wheel loose adjust tension bolt in boot. If dash lights aren't working (ie fuel light) bulb has blown (will flicker when level just on reserve then will become constant), easy to get to and replace.

Very little rust over the years, only on rear wheel arches.

Might have been lucky with this one but would certainly recommend buying a clio. A no frills car, cheap to run and easy to service/maintain yourself.

30th Aug 2009, 15:54

I have a Clio 1.9 D RT 1997.

It is my baby, it is a damn good car. It has never let me down in the 10 months of owning it. Just serviced it myself, costing just over £40.

It's got everything in it, like electric mirrors and windows, electric sunroof, remote locking, immobiliser, powersteering, front fog lights.

It always starts and is very easy to control, although the steering is very heavy when doing under 20mph.

It's got quite a bit of go in it for an old diesel, and keeps up well with the "local boy racer scene".

Would recommend one to anybody who wants cheap and faultless motoring.

26th Mar 2010, 19:32

That is the best review I have read on here. Kudos & Thanks.

4th Dec 2011, 16:01

I have a Clio Oasis 1.2.

I have recently changed the clutch; was a bit tough to get the driver's side driveshaft out, but all in all, it was done and I had no problems.

That's until a week later, when I noticed I had no reversing lights. I checked the fuses and relays, and I even checked the bulbs, but all was fine. I still haven't found out why I have no reversing lights (don't need them for the MoT, so I haven't been too worried).

That same week, I was on the dual carriageway, and my fan didn't kick in and the car overheated. The RAC came out and checked the fan, and said that there was no power going beyond the switch for the radiator fan.

I'm no mechanic, but I don't know why after having the clutch replaced, I have started getting these electrical faults. If anybody knows why, could you please reply, as I'm completely baffled by it, and can't afford to put it into a garage.

My car is due for an MoT, and I can't afford for it to fail. If you have any ideas, feel free to comment.

Thank you.