1960 Renault Dauphine from Australia and New Zealand


Fun fun fun, just don't crash!


The gearbox went, a head gasket, the clutch, and the starter motor; not much else beyond routine issues.

General Comments:

When I bought this car for $650 the seller had had the engine rebuilt, fitted a Renault 10 transaxle, with a 4 speed synchronised gearbox, and disc brakes. Converted to 12 volt.

I drove the Dauphine all over the east coast of Australia; twice from Melbourne to Brisbane and back. With the 10 box, 4th gear was like an overdrive; it would get to 100kph (eventually) and sit there all day (until you hit a hill). When a truck passed in the other direction at speed, you'd grip the wheel tightly, as she's not very heavy. When the starter motor went (turning over at twice the speed with 12 volt), I drove it for about 6 months just roll starting it or using the crank!

Driving the Dauphine was always fun. Super-light steering, funny little front seats which made the car feel bigger inside than it was. The engine was easy to work on. No oil filter, so oil changes every 2-3000km were necessary. Radial tyres are essential; on crossplies it was a pig.

Why did I sell her? No idea.

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Review Date: 17th November, 2015

30th Apr 2017, 12:26

Dauphines are very collectable cars. Yours seemed like a good one.

1961 Renault Dauphine 860 cc from Australia and New Zealand


A forgotten treasure that brings back excitement into driving!


When I first purchased the car (for NZ$750) the fuel was not reaching the engine, so after replacing the fuel line, and spark plugs, she runs again!

General Comments:

With 'exciting' handling on its original tires, we decided to change the tires to new radials that were brought off a friend.

Now the Renault Queen is stable, reliable and with that rear engine, it is really fun to drive.

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Review Date: 21st July, 2004

9th Jul 2008, 08:02

I have not been driven in a Dauphine since my childhood in the sixties, but I have always wanted to own one and drive one. It was the most magical little car ever!

Graham Sonneneberg

Cape Town

South Africa.

6th Oct 2008, 20:26

It was small but cute. Three forward gears did not provide much power range. And the first gear was not synchronized, so when running out of speed going uphill in the Rockies, I had to come to a complete stop before shifting into first gear. Oh, how the Western ranchers behind me loved it! But the tiny engine provided 40 mpg. And my little girl loved to sleep on the back seat. The 1960's -- alas, it was all long, long ago...

1960 Renault Dauphine Gordini 845 cc from Australia and New Zealand


Main problem is the rear end. The cars are very sensitive to rear supension wear. The wear usually causes the rear end to come out of alignment and causes vibration. The car has a 6 volt system, which always needs attention.

General Comments:

It is an old car, but a lot of fun on twisty roads. On the open road it just does not have the power and it is very noisy, with the engine in the rear.

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Review Date: 16th August, 1999

30th Apr 2001, 18:38

I have just bought a '64 Dauphine that had a auto transmission and no motor.

I have installed a VW Transmission and have fabricated trailing arms to locate the swing-axles...that should solve the misalignment problem. I will install a Volvo 1800 engine in the place of the former Renault.. It should be Quick!