1991 Renault Espace TXE 2.0 from UK and Ireland


Class leader, strong, love this car!


Oil in the coolant - common problem, cured by changing the gasket (access is poor, use a good quality replacement - Renault gasket has sealant printed on to its surface).

Clutch pedal failed - feels like a faulty clutch, but is a lot cheaper, especially as Renault gave me mine free. It's a common fault caused by poor design & poor welding.

Front shocks failed - difficult to replace, "kwick fit" people couldn't do it as it needs a special tool on my car (springs have to be compressed in situ) I managed to modify standard spring compressors to do the job. Watch your fingers.

Oil pressure switch failed at 130k - lighting the oil pressure lamp which was worrying!

Hand brake feels spongy.

Brake master cylinder failed at 140k - buy a new one.

Rear spring was broken on my car when I bought it - buy a new one from Renault as aftermarket parts are different.

Various oil leaks, changed seals etc, but seem to have to live with some oil on the floor.

Distributor is VERY hard to get at.

Buy a set of Torx drivers - but doesn't need any more special tools than other cars.

General Comments:

Very nice ride, comfortable. I have four kids, it has to be versatile.

Buying parts is tricky due to variations between year & models, but well worth it as Renault parts are very expensive.

Engine has loads of power and torque, relaxing to drive, but don't rush gearchanges.

Dreading having to change the clutch - it does not look easy!

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Review Date: 8th September, 2001

1991 Renault Espace RT 2.8 V6 petrol from UK and Ireland


Different electric elements.

Cargo-door didn't open sometimes due to a broken plastic-connector.

Central-locking failed totally.

Rear wheel bearings (at 60,000km).

Battery (70,000km).

Exhaust (70,000km) and Catalyser at similar mileage.

General Comments:

Great car, a lot of possibilities in using it as van, taxi, etc. The running-costs are rather high (well, it uses between 10 and 18 litres per 100 KM). Parts are very expensive.

The problem I have is that I wasn't able up to now to find a comfortable seat position

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Review Date: 16th March, 1998