1992 Renault Espace RXE 2.9 V6 from UK and Ireland


I love the design of the espace, but just wish I could find a reliable one!


New starter motor needed at 16000 miles.

New battery needed at 162000 miles.

Intermittent misfire present all the time.

Bad misfire developed at 170000 miles.

Low compression on one cylinder and head gasket blew at 172000 miles.

General Comments:

A really quick comfortable & versatile car-MPV-minibus-camper or van dependant on the seats removed (which are very quick & easy to remove no tools needed)

But make sure you find a good one! this is the second espace I have owned & although I think the design & idear are brilliant the build quality & reliability can be very suspect.

Expect around 20-25mpg from the v6 manual (when running properly!) and very good handling for the size of the car.

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Review Date: 30th October, 2005

1992 Renault Espace RN 2.0L petrol from UK and Ireland


Poor car for year


Front tyres need replacing.

Power steering unit has failed.

Earth lead had fault.

Exhaust Failed.

General Comments:

Power steering unit has failed, Too costly to replace as engine and gearbox have to be raised. New exhaust was OK except the new exhaust failed within 2 Months. Had major electrical problems which was found to be the earth lead. Very comfortable to drive and engine had no problems except relatively costly.

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Review Date: 14th June, 2005