1995 Renault Espace Helios 2.0 petrol from UK and Ireland


Expensive to maintain and very unreliable


At 66k, had to get the clutch replaced.

Door handle broke on the interior side twice.

Head gasket blew at 72k.

Very cheap weak plastic interior.

Leak in the power steering.

Radio/tape player does not work anymore.

Electric windows both failed.

Sunroof handle snapped.

Seat adjustment handle snapped.

Various bits of trim are loose.

Radiator failed at 75k.

Cam belt went at 68k.

Carpet worn on driver's side.

Petrol tank split causing a leakage.

General Comments:

I have had an outstanding amount of problems with this car, including the engine's unreliability, and the cheap trim and carpet that wear and break easily.

The driving position is terrible, and so is the handling. Overall this is a spacious 7 seat family car with very comfortable seats.

I would advise you NOT to buy this car if you are planning to do so. I would recommend a Toyota Previa instead.

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Review Date: 5th October, 2008

21st Aug 2009, 16:14

My 14 year old 240,000 mile Espace is great. Driving position and comfort are not the best, and some trim and other minor issues (I had to replace the radio), but 10p a mile in diesel costs (Aug 2009), faultessly reliable, tows our caravan well, and all the versatility you expect. My garage thinks it will last at least another 2-3 years. Oh - and cost me less than £500. A superb vehicle!!!

1995 Renault Espace Helios 2.1 turbo diesel from UK and Ireland


Unreliable diesel engine


Cam belt went at 68000 miles.

Leak in the power steering line.

General Comments:

The car has been service at the recommended service intervals.

Complained to Renault; they have refused any refund for the damage. They don't seem to know what is the recomended replace interval for the cam-belt. They mentioned 72000 miles; Haynes manual says 80000; Renault garage in France says 120000 Km or 6 years.

No reputable company refuses a complaint with a smile!

Renault is moving away from cam-belts to timing chains in their new models; I wonder why?

I would like to hear from people who had the same problem.

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Review Date: 16th September, 2001

10th Dec 2001, 08:13

My N-reg Espace 2.1 diesel timing belt went at 69500 miles, £700 to repair. Replacement mileage is 70000...

Rad, water pump and head gasket failed at 71000 (£1850). Renault unable to supply head gasket...

10th Jan 2002, 07:52

Just had the cam belt fail on my 1997 R-reg RT-X 2.2 TD diesel Espace.

Like others, the mileage was only 63,000 and the recommended change of timing belt is 72,000 in the service book.

Our bill arrived two days ago for £2,5000!! Items such as new water pump and air hose had been charged for, along with 24.5 hours of labour plus £90 for Aircon drain and refill.

Our servicing engineer managed to get a £300 contribution from Renault which I think is derisory.

Anyone done any better?



13th Dec 2002, 07:09

Espace Alize 1.9 Diesel.. Excellent Car lovely Drive Especially with a bad Back..

Shame about the Cam Belt Problem Belt Changed at 90,000 when first purchased second hand.. Has just gone at 130,000 surely if it is a 72,000 replacement it should have lasted more tha 40,000 miles.

Cost in excess of £1000. Still having discussions with Dealer. Wheelers of Newbury. Personally would never recommend them again.

1995 Renault Espace Helios 2.1 turbo diesel from UK and Ireland


A costly mistake


Shock absorbers changed.

Brake discs changed.

Timing belt broke causing £1200 damage to the engine - Renault will accept NO responsibility despite the fact the car has been serviced at ALL set intervals and within the service intervals and age in which the belt should have been changed.

General Comments:

Had a petrol Espace prior to the Toyota. Liked the comfort and space of the vehicle hence I bought another. The later vehicle was purchased as a diesel for its hoped for longevity but this vehicle has been a constant drain on my finances. Definitely the most expensive car I have owned.

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Review Date: 6th September, 2000

28th Mar 2001, 14:16

I bought a 2.1TD Espace in 1997. It has had 5 clutches and has been in for engine oil leaks 8 times. Only legal action got renault to fit new engine. Then even that leaked oil in 3 places and the new clutch supplied with it failed. Water pump failed also. Note that Renault supply cars in order to keep the garage repair industry in employment. They are a pathetic apology for a car manufacturer. Sympathies with all those poor devils who are suffering like me.

31st Jul 2007, 00:39

My Renault Espace Helios has cost me in excess of £4763 in repairs alone in one year, including over heating problems, new clutch kit x2, cam belt, radiator fans, and more- Please note that the car was in a new as bought condition.

The rest of the car no problem, however the engine may I dare to say absolutely no comment, speechless... My mother says if I do not have anything nice to say then be silent -- Regarding the engine silence is all that is needed absolute crap..

1995 Renault Espace 2.2i petrol from Netherlands


I lost a mirror, and that is a very expensive joke!

The right-front wheel made a strange noise at approx 60mph.

Indeed the carpet is made of poor quality materials.

The blower (it's electric!!) doesn't always work as it should do.

General Comments:

The driving is a joy, especially long distance.

Driving on the highway with all the family at a high speed is wonderful.

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Review Date: 31st January, 1999