2002 Renault Espace 2.2 dci from UK and Ireland


Great family car


So far nothing. We got the cambelt changed when we first got it and there was a loose cable. And that's it.

General Comments:

An amazing family car. Very comfortable, especially on long journeys. It's cheaper to run than our old Zafira. In a normal week we need to fill our car up with about £10 - £20 of diesel. Our old Zafira took about £20 - £30 a week.

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Review Date: 7th June, 2015

2002 Renault Espace Privilege 2.0 16v from UK and Ireland


Useful plastic lump!


Cambelt came off due to shattered roller. 60,000 miles.

Bought the car as a trade sale in this condition for beans!

General Comments:

Bought with damaged engine. Repaired and now using!

Some pointers for potential buyers/owners of the Espace.

The Espace can be frustrating and fun for various reasons:

They have a mixed reputation for reliability; some owners have no problems, but others have constant problems. Personally, I have found my Renaults to be cheap, mostly reliable, well appointed cars. Some things to consider though:

Avoid Renault dealerships; too expensive on labour and parts costs, and they tend to replace rather than repair!

Find a friendly cost effective garage or learn to work on them yourself! You will need to buy some specialist tools and equipment, but mine have already paid for themselves (on the Laguna!), and have now been put to good use on the Espace.

Some faults, whilst frustrating, can be quite simple to find and fix! Later Renaults need the 'CLIP' diagnostic connector and software for your computer. This will usually point you to electrical faults and give you a fighting chance.

Ignore the recommended service intervals for the following:

Cambelts; change at 35k on diesel and 50k on petrol. Change the dephaser and water pump at the same time! Always change the tensioner and rollers. They shatter if not done! A lot of snapped cambelts at around 60k +!

Change the oil and filter at 5k for diesels and 10k for petrols.

Change auto trans fluid annually! Despite being supposedly 'filled for life', this will help keep the gearbox healthier and reduce the possibility of niggling faults!

Change road springs after about 75k. Snapped springs can rip tyres and damage brake pipes!


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Review Date: 6th May, 2012

2002 Renault Espace Privilege 2.2dci from UK and Ireland


The most frustrating car that I have ever had the misfortune to own


Car enveloped by clouds of fumes from beneath engine.

Clutch hydraulics failed one day after major service.

Hatch hinges rotted - required replacement.

Temperature gauge frequently malfunctions and incorrectly reports overheating.

Three years worth of 'limp home' mode activation on a random basis, but now permanent. Car now unusable. Dealer failed to solve the problem.

General Comments:

This good looking and comfortable car is ruined by totally unreliable electrical systems that even dealers seem perplexed by. Metal parts appear to rot rapidly.

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Review Date: 28th May, 2006

2002 Renault Espace The Race 2.2 dCi from UK and Ireland


Too many problems for an expensive car


The car has had four brand new doors fitted, because of rust on the window frames. It's broken down once, had twanging on the power steering and it's also had a repair for an airbag malfunction. However, despite the latter, the side airbag detonated whilst the car was stationary, shattering the driver's window and showering me in glass. A frightening experience, but thankfully our children were not on board!

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Review Date: 21st June, 2003

16th Mar 2005, 09:58

Thank you for restoring my faith in the Renault Espace!! (E. lane)

These web sites seem only to attract negativity about cars, so I am having a real dilemma knowing which car to actually choose to purchase (which frankly is what these sites are for), so I'm glad somebody has written favourably.

I'm all for balance..


2nd Apr 2005, 14:06

I owned an early F Reg Renault Esapce for about a year, it was second hand with 80k on the clock. I had a year of trouble free, quality, comfortable motoring. I only sold it because it was too small for my needs. With seven people on board there is very little boot space. I purchased a secondhand VW Caravelle which has given me 5 years of totally trouble free motoring. It is still in first class condition - despite being used as a real workhorse. I keep looking round for a replacement - but there is nothing that seems to come near it on reliability. I also wonder if these sites attract a disproportionate level of negative response.

2002 Renault Espace THE RACE 2.2 dci from UK and Ireland


Love the car, not the dealer


Driver's seat lumbar support defective.

Near side bonnet lock ineffective.

Off side wing mirror incorrectly aligned.

Numerous paint defectcs around the car.

Damaged near side front alloy.

Suspect car geometry / wheel alignment.

Rear tyres severely worn. Suspect the dealer has changed the tyres.

General Comments:

A beautiful car that has been ruined by a very poor quality of service provided by a Renault mail dealer.

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Review Date: 13th September, 2002

20th Feb 2003, 17:34

With regards to your report great entry does your vehicle have an inaccurate electronic petrol gauge?