22nd Jul 2007, 16:11

I have just purchased a 1.9Dci Dynamique. Car is 3 years old, took it out of garage and clutch started slipping.

I purchased the car from a Vauxhaul dealer, who repaired the problem. The mechanic explained that it wasn't a defective clutch, but a gearbox seal. Oil was entering into the clutch housing causing it to slip.

The stereo system is the worse sounding "piece of kit" I have ever heard. Unbelievably awful sound quality. Renault are no help and can't seem to offer any advice on how to improve the system as it is all integrated. I have upgraded the speakers, but the sound is still awful.

The drivers seat seems to lower itself and interior trim and drivers door rubber seals, squeak, click, pop & creak. I've spent a great deal of time effort and a mixture of fitting soundproof foam, tightening bolts, greasing joints & pulling doors back into shape. Finally I've got a quiet cabin. Granted this is a big car and so panels undergo more stresses but this is supposed to be an upmarket MPV, excessive interior noise due to poor quality parts is unacceptable in this day and age.

I love the design and look of the car, it looks so much better than all other MPV's from the outside but Renault have really made a poor effort when it comes to quality of the interior.

At present I'm driving the car with kid gloves. I want to like this car, but so far I'm very dissappointed.

25th Oct 2007, 06:26

I have had two of these Mk 4 Espaces, a 2003 and a 2006. Both have been fantastic, no problems on either. Plenty of space and the sound system is OK- it's not B&O of course, but my kids make enough noise in the car that I don't really hear the music. We have the glass roof on the new one. It's fantastic. The only gripe I have with it is the stupid heating/ventilation controls. It's absolutely idiotic to put the controls in a position that only the driver can adjust them. Plain stupid. & the seats are heavy to move in & out, in spite of the new system. Apart from that, we love the car.

13th Dec 2007, 20:07

Wow, you've been extremely unlucky! My Renault has been absolutely amazing. I'm a taxi driver, I work in Paris, and average about 150 kilometers per day! So I put lots of stress on my car! Let's just say I'd buy another!

28th Mar 2008, 10:16

I just bought a Renault Grand Espace Privilege 2.0 ltr Turbo. From the beginning I think the car is fantastic. No problems at all. I think it's just like a lottery; sometimes you are lucky and sometimes you are unlucky. I also have a BMW motorbike. Some people say it's the best bike ever made. From the beginning, every two weeks the bike is at the garage. Now almost 6 years later, I finally found a dealer who really understand BMW motorbikes and the bike is working perfectly, so I also think the dealer or garage where you bought the car has a big influence in how the car is performing.

Richard from Amsterdam "The Netherlands"

17th Jun 2008, 13:41

I own a 2003 Mk4 Grand Espace 2.2 dci, and am having problems finding out what my fuel consumption figures should be. i.e. is there anything wrong with the car. The local Renault dealer cannot really help. Can anybody tell me what fuel consumption figures they are getting along with their driving styles, terrain and journey types, and then I can work out whether there is a fault with my car. Thank you.

24th Jun 2008, 17:27

2006 2.2 CDi - 35.5 average mixed driving, short urban commutes and long runs. Smooth style avoiding heavy accelleration. Hope info is of use.

5th Sep 2008, 14:17

Have had a 2003 2.2 dci Espace IV for around 15 months now. Had loads of problems with electrics, central locking motors (2), switches, etc. Renault do not want to know about any problems and certainly won't accept any blame for parts that should last a cars lifetime! This is my third Espace, and my last. Shame on you Renault!

2nd Jul 2009, 18:52

The Espace IV Privilege. I've owned this car for over a 6 months, comfortable, has no apparent problems.

The only thing is the revs can't go over 2900 revs, the power dies out. It does that when the turbo is about to kick in.

Dealer can't help. Does anybody know?

28th Sep 2010, 07:25

I have owned an Espace IV 2003 3.0 DCi privilege for two years and quite honestly it is the worst car I have ever owned. Here is the list of issues:

- Central locking motor failure in drivers door.

- Tyre pressure remote sensor failure.

- Fuel pump failure - this is in the middle of the engine, required the engine to be removed, cost c£5K and meant we were without the car for months. Luckily still under warranty, but ridiculous.

- Exhaust manifold cracked.

- Engine mounts failed.

- Self levelling headlights failed (why electronic? Why when failed do they point at the ground?).

- Air con failed (not fixed).

- Automatic handbrake failure (no idea what has caused this - currently a mystery to two garages).

- Remote locking not working.

And probably some other faults, not to mention normal servicing/running costs. I have spoken to other owners with similar stories, so I would posit that those with positive experiences on this list are the lucky ones. The main issue seems to be overcomplicated electronics - half of these things listed should not be an issue, but they normally put the cart into limp home mode and require you to get them fixed.

Needless to say I will not buy another Renault.

10th Dec 2011, 16:25

I'm an owner of a Renault Espace Privilege 2.2 dCi, 2003. But I have not been privileged at all with this car.

Engine broke around 80,000kms.

Clutch slips constantly.

Dashboard LCD had to be replaced.

Gearbox has been changed twice.

Last week the handbrake had to be replaced, and the lock of the door; over 1000 euros in repairs.

When I picked up the car, the handbrake handle was not working.

I'm tired of spending so much on this car. Everyone I know that has the diesel model complains of the same problems. Now finally I'm selling the car. It's sad!!!