1986 Renault Fuego GTX 2.0 petrol from Australia and New Zealand


A quick, pretty compact sports cruiser with flair


Rear hatch strut needed replacing.

Driver's seat bolt mount had to be repaired.

Plastic heater control switch needs replacement.

General Comments:

A very economical, superbly handling motorcar.

Seats are very supportive and comfortable.

Acceleration is up to modern standards as a are accessories such as air etc.

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Review Date: 10th September, 2006

1986 Renault Fuego GTX 2.0 from Australia and New Zealand


Cheap, comfortable, fast


So much I can't be bothered to list, but all the little idiosyncratic faults seem to cancel each other out!

General Comments:

I bought this car as a temp after my Peugeot 405 was written off on the freeway by a Holden Commodore.

It cost me $500 and the only thing I have put into it apart from petrol since I bought it, is a battery.

The car has traveled 450,000 kms without any reconditioning and doesn't leak ANY fluids (oil, water, brake fluid, etc.)

It's very fuel efficient and has never missed a beat.

Try and buy a car in Australia for under $500 that has power windows, central locking, air conditioning and a gutsy, reliable engine - you won't.

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Review Date: 13th April, 2001

1986 Renault Fuego GTS 1.6 from UK and Ireland


Vastly under-rated car


Occasionally cut out when hot.

A little rust on the wheel arch.

Brake cylinders needed replacing.

General Comments:

The best car I ever had. Comfortable, good performance and generally reliable. Better economy than the rival Capri etc.

Some parts a little hard to find, as most people didn't know what the car was. Recommend one to anyone, as long as it is in good condition.

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Review Date: 10th April, 2001

1986 Renault Fuego GTX 2 litres from Venezuela


A little of money in the bank is needed with this GREAT car!


I like my car more than anything, it gives some problems sometimes but what car is perfect?

I'll try to remember everything (jaja):

- Around 115.000 kms the cambelt snapped so all valves, gaskets, belts were replaced.

- Around 130.000 kms the auto gearbox failed so 70% of internal parts were replaced.

- At 140.000 kms the entire auto gearbox system was changed to manual transmission so 5 days of work became the best investment of the car, the transplant was 100% successful, only adjusting the clutch cable twice was needed.

- At 135.000 kms a new radiator.

These were the major things. I've replaced fan switches, bulbs, electric windows motors, main headlights, corners, fog lights, REAR WINDSHIELD (was stolen), stereo, ALTERNATOR, A/C compressor, fuel pump, oil pump (the car fell off the truck when the auto gearbox failed), engine mounts, carb kits, potentiometer, oil pressure sender..... Do I continue?

General Comments:

I've learned a lot with this car and because it's my first car I like it so much. Most of repairs can be prevented with a little care and prevention (cambelt and auto gearbox oil change!)

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Review Date: 29th July, 2000

29th Oct 2001, 14:30

Update: The car has 165.000 kilometers now and it still is in perfect running order, gotta replace the electric window motor on the driver's side and the coolant pump was changed again a few months back.

8th Nov 2006, 00:17

Hi everybody.

I live in Mexicali, Mexico.

I've a Renault Fuego (82) 1.6L.

I fix the engine with performance part's and running good, but the engine bowl to soon, I change the engine 2.2L and transmossion (5 speed, and run better, but needed more and added a turbo and inter-cooler. Woooow!! Runs like a Rocket.

I check in the Dino 300Hp at 6700Rpm is a monster for run in the street.


13th Mar 2007, 23:13

Our 1986 Renault Fuego GTX 2 litre has just hit 200,000 ks.

One owner before we purchased 2 years ago with full history.

We replaced all belts etc with full service.

Still has TRX wheels and tyres, which are about 3 years old and one about 15,000ks.

I feel they are undervalued in most countries - especially Australia, but offer great looks, good performance and economy for the price.

We are in Australia, and photos can be seen here http://fuego-gtx.8k.com/

Have a feeling that prices will gradually increase for well maintained or restored Fuegos - more web sites seem to be up all the time on these cars.