2005 Renault Grand Scenic Dynamique 1.6 petrol from UK and Ireland


Great for the money, with plenty of gadgets


Panels do not line up in several places, rear tailgate, bonnet, rear door, all these have a larger gap on one side which should be equal. The upholstery is starting to go fuzzy, especially in the back area where you brush past the fabric panelling to obtain access to the third row of seats. Trim around the rear door has come away and the black trim around the window where the sunblind clips to was bent out of place on delivery.

The rubber "feet" on the middle row of seats keep falling of.

The car has had may visits to the dealer to get problems corrected which are, stereo facia developed an annoying rattle, rattle on engine which to correct this has had to have the timing belt and pre-tensioner replaced, and now has developed a squeal.

Another problem which the dealer cannot rectify is as you release the accelerator and press the clutch to change gear, on occasions the engine revs actually rise, as if your foot is still on the accelerator!!!

General Comments:

Overall the car is not that bad, but the 1.6 petrol engine model seems to be under powered (we had a 1.5 DCI as a courtesy car and it was faster) leg room is quite spacious if the third row of seats are not used, but is a bit cramped when they are in use.

Glove box is really difficult to access if there is a front passenger. Have also banged my head a few times on the tailgate as the style curves around and has "pointy" edges.

Gear stick is in a good place, but if you have the "cool box" option between the front seats it makes it harder to fasten the seat belts, I have grazed my knuckles a few times.

The Dynamique model looks good with the satin chrome trim which finishes the look really well, along with the leather steering wheel (better than the plastic one.)

Well equipped with auto lighting/windscreen wipers and easy to read LCD display. there are plenty of audible warning systems which are great, warns you if a door is not shut, if you leave the key card in the slot etc.

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Review Date: 24th April, 2005

3rd Sep 2005, 04:30

Aug 2005 - We are thrilled with our 1.6 petrol Grand Scenic Dynamique car.

Previously we had the Renault Megane Dynamique 1.4, which was only 2-years old when we decided to change to a larger model.

The Grand Scenic has bags of space, especially as we have 2 sons aged 8 & 10 and a large Labrador dog. The boys adore the car as they have lots of room and trays etc. for them to put their books on. We also find having an option to have a 7-seat car an advantage, due to picking up the boys friends etc, however, would say that the 2 rear seats would only be suitable for children as there is limited room.

My husband would have preferred the 1.9dCi, but, I am quite happy with the performance. However, my husband has a high performance vehicle so still he can get his 'speed' fix if desired.

Overall, the Grand Scenic is an excellent family car and achieving 5 stars in the Euro NCAP* crash test was an important factor when deciding what car to go for - as my family's safety was the top priority in deciding what car to purchase.

Although we have only had the car for 3-weeks we have been Renault customers for over 2-years and have been very happy with the service we have received from them.