27th Jun 2007, 18:00

Just clicked over 40k and the car continues to impress. One weird moment where the display told us to "Check Airbag" (which one, it has a gazillion of them?), but this disappeared and never reoccurred. Other than that, it's behaving faultlessly.

Engine, practicality, equipment, styling and sheer refinement continue to impress. Economy also impressive for a 1500kg car with half decent performance. We got 48 mpg on a long motorway run recently, but averaging about 41 mpg "without trying". dCi engine seems to thrive on being worked hard - somehow becomes more responsive and smoother after a good blast. Never less than very impressive though, even on a cold start, and returns an easy 10-15 mpg more than I would expect from a similarly powered petrol equivalent.

I would still recommend it without reservation.

24th Jul 2007, 03:31

I have Grand Scenic Dynamique 1.5dci, which I have really enjoyed driving, although it's a bit under powered.

It's a 2004 model, purchased last Sept, and still under warranty.

Great to park, very flexible seating, especially with 3 children and living rurally.

Had a few problems -'check injections' on screen and miss firing when over 3000 revs - now in the dealers for the 3rd time, and still not fixed. It's been there over 4 weeks, and Renault cannot say when new turbo been delivered. Will not replace like for like, which has caused a few transport problems.

I'm not entirely convinced the car will be fixed when returned, and I'm disappointed not to know when car will be returned.

There's not another car on market with such flexibility.

3rd Sep 2007, 05:46

Original reviewer here:

Now on 43k, and still to miss a beat. Had the alarm going off overnight which turned out to be where I hadn't quite closed the bonnet properly. Otherwise still frugal, reliable and great to own.

26th Jan 2008, 09:42


48,000 miles covered. Just changed the oil and filter in between the ludcrous 18k service intervals and the engine is noticeably more responsive and smoother.

Window regulator failed on the passenger side. Renault customer services have been positive and hopefully will make a contribution to the cost - negotiations ongoing.

Still well pleased with the car.

28th Mar 2008, 06:34

Another update (52,000 miles)

Window fixed and Renault UK paid the full cost.

Two glowplug failures (scary "CHECK INJECTION" warning on the dash), but easily and cheaply fixed.

Electrical shut down one morning traced to a loose battery earth terminal. Nipped it up and everything sprung back into life. My fault - I disconnected it to do the glowplugs and didn't tighten it enough.

Heat shield over the rear section of exhaust is buzzing.

Still has yet to let us down apart from the battery issue which was my own fault. Still hard to beat for space, equipment, engine refinement and sheer family friendliness.

I have just bought myself a 126,000 mile Volvo S60 as a station car, and I have to say it does make the Renault feel alarmingly "tinny". The Volvo is totally rattle free despite having 2.5x the mileage on the clock, and the level of fit and finish is in a different league.

That said, the Renault is apparently safer to crash in (5 star NCAP against 4 star). Go figure.

24th May 2008, 18:05

Another update. Serious loss of power, accompanied by "CHECK INJECTION" error message on computer display.

Limped to dealer who squeezed it in that afternoon and quickly traced the fault to a split hose. £80 all in, including an hours labour, and they also replaced a blown rear bulb free of charge.

Also had air-con regassed which has transformed its effectiveness.

29th Sep 2008, 17:09

Another update - 55,000 miles now on the clock. Took us down to Northern Italy and back last month - 2400 miles in 8 days, fully laden, and including some Autobahn tomfoolery and a lug across the Austrian Alps. Didn't miss a beat, and returned 43 mpg average on the trip. Not a single twinge or numb bum, despite 14 hours straight in the car. Low noise levels too.

Front discs and pads needed replacing at the last service, and thinking about getting the cambelt done sometime between now and 60k (actually due at 72k, but do I trust it?)

Still a good drive, and still excelling at what we bought it to do. Well happy. Still sticking to my own self imposed 9k oil changes though, and using only 5W/40 synthetic ACEA B3 approved oil. With many manufacturers now withdrawing or at least heavily caveatting their extended service intervals, it kind of confirms what I suspected all along in that these long intervals are driven by marketeers rather than engineers. I also know that VW, Renault and others have hit premature engine failure issues which have been put down to over-long service intervals. It seems the problems are coming home to roost.

This engine is still sweet as a nut, starts instantly, and doesn't smoke or use oil.

5th Mar 2009, 10:35

"That said, the Renault is apparently safer to crash in (5 star NCAP against 4 star). Go figure."

I think NCAP ratings are relative in each class. So a three-star limo will still be safer than a five-star supermini.

3rd May 2009, 08:52

Original reviewer again. We sold the Renault two months ago after a sudden clutch failure left us stranded and cost £1000 to put right. This on top of an intermittent PAS fault (estimated at £800) and an upcoming service of £850 made us cut our losses. Excellent when newer, these Renaults have almost supercar maintenance costs when they get older. It's a joke.

Now replaced with a VW Golf.

Good car, the Scenic. Just not a car to keep as it ages. Everything costs an absolute fortune, and many parts are not built to last.

27th May 2009, 04:06

Sadly I agree with many of the comments about longer-term maintenance costs. Although 50000 to 60000 miles is hardly 'longer term' in my book. We have a Volvo with 160000 miles on the clock and has needed so few parts (except for wear and tear items like brakes, exhausts etc.) that I can't even remember them. It just works, day in, day out.

Our Volvo does about 25 MPG, the Renault did about 50 MPG. Which is the cheaper to run? It's closer than you might think.

In my opinion is better to buy an older quality car, even if it has more miles.

15th Nov 2009, 02:48

Original reviewer here. I still have the Volvo we had alongside the Scenic. 150,000 miles and I have just had to replace the first non-service part. The indicator stalk is packing up.

Reliability and quality shames Renault.

12th Apr 2010, 05:29

I purchased my Renault Scenic 1.9 Dci in 2004 in France, and the vehicle performed well for the first 3 years as my main business vehicle. It had done 160,000 km and only needed the regular services and replacement of the usual parts.

In 2007 I made a replacement purchase of another SCENIC II Jade 1.9 as the main business vehicle. The previous vehicle I kept and used for private and local trips; it has been doing only 5,000 km per year since - then the problems started.

Firstly the electric window failed, and in December last the warning light regarding the failure of the power steering. The cost at the garage was estimated at 2,220 Euros. I contacted Renault Customer Relations and they refused to offer any help; they stated firstly the mileage and the warranty had finished. I pointed out that this was not just a general part, but a major piece, which normally would not be accepted to fail so soon in my letter. Renault refused to put anything in writing, and after my searches on the Internet, I can now see why with so many similar cases appearing.

I only wish I had checked the Internet before buying the second vehicle NEW from Renault, my third Scenic in all, and unless Renault change their policy to loyal clients, I will not be buying another.