26th Feb 2008, 14:25

I have a Renault Grand Scenic registered October 2004 - I have had a couple of problems with it - with have been done under warranty, but nothing major & was quite happy with the car - However now the warranty is up problems are starting to appear

- The drivers door mirror still retracts by use of the internal control knob - but no longer goes back out again!!

- And just recently the weather got a bit warmer so I decided to open my sunroof - only to find that it will not open!! Turn the dial & absolutely nothing happens - thought this was a bit strange, but problems occur checked fuse etc fine - my husband also had a Renault Scenic Jan 2004 so we decided to try his sunroof & he also has the same problem - My car has been to Renault Dealer where diagnostic check was done - diagnostic check was fine only thing that they can suggest in a new motor required (maybe 2) @ £270.00 per motor putting the job price to approx £630.00!!! Has anybody else had this sort of problem - £630.00 to get my sunroof to work seems madness.

18th Feb 2009, 02:37

I also had the injection warning and was quoted some very high prices to rectify the problem, even after paying for a diagnostic was told it was the fourth injector. Car was running well, so after reading comments on here I had it serviced at my local independent garage and requested glow plugs to be changed, and 2 were blown, and the warning has now gone.

2nd Nov 2009, 07:16

I wrote the comment about glowplugs causing this error in my Grand Scenic review. Unfortunately "Check Injection" is a generic fuel system error message covering a whole list of faults from trivial to terminal. You need the Renault CLIP diagnostic system to read the fault codes to determine where the fault is, which of course is not available to Joe Public. The good news however, is that it is possible to pinpoint or eliminate glowplugs by doing the following:

Start the engine from cold, and take it on a drive to get it completely up to operating temperature. Once you have done this, pull over somewhere safe, switch off the engine and ignition.

Restart the engine immediately. If your "Check injection" message is a glowplug fault, it will have cleared itself (this is only temporary - it will come back next time the engine cools, but this confirms the diagnosis). Buy a set of glowplugs and you're sorted. If it still says "Check Injection" you have another fault elsewhere.

These are generally horrible cars to work on, but in fairness, changing glowplugs on these (the 1.9 at least - never worked on a 1.5) is no harder than changing spark plugs on most petrol engines. Easily accessible, and the leads push on rather than making you deal with those fiddly 6mm nuts. I did all four in well under 30 minutes.

26th Mar 2013, 06:46

If you have the key card in the slot and switch the engine on, you can release the handbrake, so maybe that is how he did it.