2000 Renault Kangoo Kar 1.4 petrol from UK and Ireland


I thought this car was brilliant until last week


The head gasket blew, dripping oil onto the catalytic converter - interest smoke from under the bonnet. AA says there is a serious danger this car will catch fire if driven.

The dealer thinks Renault should do the work for free. Renault think I should pay over 300 euro.

General Comments:

The Kangoo is a cheap, willing workhorse.

Good fuel consumption.

Carry anything - including large numbers of seriously large teenagers and their band gear.

Seats are really comfortable.

Its really safe if someone drives out of a side road into you.

But Renault don't give a damn about their customers. I'm going back to my Opel distributor next time even if I have to compromise on the sort of car I buy. Pity because I thought the Kangoo was the perfect vehicle for our lifestyle.

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Review Date: 6th November, 2002

2000 Renault Kangoo 665D 1.9 diesel from UK and Ireland


Good car, bad franchise system


The vehicle has performed faultlessly in the two weeks and two thousand miles that I have driven it.

I bought this van at auction and it has supposedly got a full service history.

I wish to warn other owners of what appears to be a scam involving dealer servicing.

General Comments:

I drive up to 1,200 miles a week, so I do not trust garages with servicing my vehicle.

My Kangoo 665D has a full service history, from a Volvo Garage. The service Log-book is stamped and up to date. In reality, only half the items that were supposed to be checked or changed have been done. Over several years now, I have discovered what I believe to be a common scam among franchised dealers. It works like this: the dealer contacts the owner and reminds them that a service is due on their vehicle. The dealer describes the service (eg "Full Service" or "Annual Service") and offers to do the work. The owner duly sends the car in and the price comes to equal or less than the expected price, plus extra work, if it is is necessary. The owner collects the car and carries on, content. BUT - what was actually done? I have now come across five separate examples of the owner thinking they were paying for an "Annual" or "Major" service, but only actually getting a standard minor service. Normally, the owner is charged slightly less than the price that they were expecting, so the owner is happy.


Think I'm being paranoid? why not check exactly what YOU have got written in your service books and receipts. I'll bet it starts you wondering... Me? well, I've got a Kangoo with 52,000 miles and an original air filter, (which should have been replaced at 40'000 miles) yet a full service history. Its service book doesn't say which service (major or minor) was carried out when. Does your dealer tell you? What come back do you have against garages that offer you one service, give you another, and charge you 'In Between'?. None. DON'T PAY the garage until they write down the full list of work carried out or give the service its proper 'title'. I have a growing pile of written evidence that the practise is wide-spread. The garage stands to double or triple their profitability. How about YOU?

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Review Date: 27th October, 2002

25th Feb 2005, 13:06

This has nothing to do with Renault dealers and everything to do with dealers in general. But hey, there is not one area of life in the UK where sloppy lazy trades will rip you off if they can. SO the deal is - find somebody you trust - never mind if they are the "approved" dealer or a trading-estate workshop - and stick with them. The good guys are out there, they just take a bit of findng sometimes!

2nd Nov 2005, 19:10

I have a number of vehicles ranging from my kangoo van for work to my BMW X5 3.0 diesel. I use an independent garage for all non warranty work on the x5 and for servicing the van and other family cars. When I sell my vehicles, I always show the buyers the full breakdown of all works carried out by the garage. They used to insist on showing me the packaging of the new parts with the old placed in them! I suggest we all support our small local garages - providing they are honest and carry out the work.

2000 Renault Kangoo diesel from UK and Ireland


Once driven you'll want no other car!


Had trouble with the oil gauge and there weren't any mats in the car which meant the floors got very wet.

Water also tended to accumulate around the boot seal.

General Comments:

Best car in the world! Probably just saved my life in an accident due to the extra head room.

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Review Date: 25th October, 2001

2000 Renault Kangoo RXE Estate 1.4 petrol from UK and Ireland


Clever car with some rough edges


Needed a new battery for some inexplicable reason at 7k miles.

Rear sliding doors freeze if left open in cold weather: result the doors won't close.

General Comments:

Huge space, huge head room. Children love the bright airy interior. This is cheap functional car.

If you need space and versatility it is worth a look. Don't expect too much refinement though.

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Review Date: 13th January, 2001

2nd Apr 2001, 13:18

A car designed for small children and parents whom are tired of straining to belt them in.

The Kangoo is so versatile its hard to believe I would choose anything else in the future. There is however the reliability question and as yet, after nearly a year of ownership, I cannot comment.