2007 Renault Kangoo Expression 1.5 dci 85hp diesel from Slovakia


Well worth the money


Front brake pads replaced at 54000km. Cost 100 euros at a dealer. Included was overall check of vehicle and replacement of rear wiper.

General Comments:

The 1.5 85hp diesel is high on torque and low on thirst. Can pass where you want on narrow country lanes without having to plan ahead, and can stay ahead of much faster cars on a road with not too sharp bends. Best mileage was 1010km using 47.3 litres of a 50 litre tank and not driven conservatively at all!

High roof makes for a pleasant uncramped interior and amazingly, high side winds on motorways are hardly noticeable.

The load space is good, but drops considerably if passengers are carried on the back seats. 2.5 metres is the longest that can be carried with the back doors closed. However, it can be loaded to the roof and the rear seats split to accommodate various loads. More suited to large boxy items than long timbers.

One of the best features are the excellent headlights. Good length and fantastic spread on low beam, great reach and spread on high. Coupled with a high seating position, visibility in both day and night is excellent. Valeo took over the great French headlamp maker Cibie. Maybe I'm wrong, But these lights are equal to Cibies of old! (and almost a match for xenons).

This was the last year of this model style. The new model is boxier, heavier, and is 2 seconds slower 0 - 100km than the old. Mine has character, oomph, and my 6 year old loves it. It's not my old F250 4x4 Ford pickup, and it's not my old BMW 316 on a winding road.

But somehow I am reminded of them both when driving the Kangoo.

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Review Date: 21st July, 2009

16th Oct 2010, 15:49

I had Kangoo 2006 1.5 dCi with 150,000 on clock - and in spite of having the engine properly maintained, the crankshaft started to rumble. So it was cheaper to get another engine than to fix that. But then again, one of those electronic petrol sprayers started to malfunction and.. whatever. I had to sell the car.

And also - my car stopped if the petrol level in the tank got below average (had to drive with full tank always).

Conclusion: the engine as such is rather lively and silent, but very sensitive, and has to be looked after extremely carefully.

Interior is cheap, all plastic parts are rattling, etc.

30th Apr 2011, 17:46

Do you know the difference between a DCI (diesel) engine and a petrol one? Maybe your crankshaft problem is due to you putting diesel in the tank instead of petrol? Or vice versa?