28th Oct 2010, 14:54

Fantastic car, the 1.5 liter motor does a great job. It operates like a 2.0 liter motor.

31st Oct 2010, 21:37

Hi, I'm the one from the 1st post.

No it doesn't behave like a 2 liter. Or maybe yes, if you compare it to a 90's 2 liter. We are talking about 110HP squeezed into a 1.5 What do you get we that?

You get the power, but you really have to know how to use it. That means changing gears at the right time, exploring the mid-range torque between, I would say... 1600 to 2400 RPM. The main intention of this engine is to save fuel. To cruise, to chill...

You will be surprised with the amount of power you can get from it. Remember that it's a diesel so don't expect to have a large amount of acceleration with very high RPM. But you will certainly feel the pressure inside that engine when you press the accelerator pedal.

I had a Laguna 1.9 before with 100 HP. At very, very low RPM, the 1.9 was more tolerant... More heavy, more difficult to stall, a bit more powerful as well. But this 1.5 has 110 HP, if you drag race them, by knowing the 1.5 very well you will manage to start at about the same level. After 3rd gear, you can say goodbye to the 1.9.

That is my experience.

The car has now 20.000 km and 9 months. Not one single problem. No rattles (of course, don't take it to very bumpy roads, because than every car will rattle).

Still smooth, still powerful. Still feel that I took it yesterday brand new from the garage.

31st Jan 2011, 05:18

Is it with 4Control, the 4 wheel steering?

4th Feb 2011, 11:51

No 4Control.

I don't have the need for speed. It is very sharp in corners. Not much body roll.

Go to Nurburgring, then you will need it. Not on a normal road.