15th Sep 2016, 05:28

Totally agree... Like yourself I LOVE the challenge of defying the common comments, all mostly to do with bad dealers/repairers/parts suppliers that just see money. I have a Laguna wagon 2002 3.0 and am always amazed how easy repairs are on these cars, and also how cost effective the repairs are if one is prepared to do some research. There are plenty at breakers to choose from, and as suppliers are shifting their inventories that are not selling much these days, some real bargains can be made. These days are numbered though and in probably 5 years it will be hard to be so cheap... enjoy while we can.

My latest find is that my airbag computer has some swollen capacitors so I replaced with another (had swollen capacitors as well, but not so bad) and the airbag light now goes barely on... something to look out for. Make sure though that model numbers are the same... later airbag ECUs with differing model numbers will need programming into the car's ECU. Will try and replace old rotten caps with new ones, but might be hard... surface mount and glued onto the boards.

Next car? Maybe a Megane GT Line wagon...

11th Oct 2017, 18:36

OK, I have read loads of comments with a great deal of interest. I have a 2002 Laguna 1.9dci and am suffering from the dreaded 'injection fault - please consult your dealer'. So far I have replaced the EGR valve, the throttle body and the glow plugs (all on recommendation from an ex Renault technician). I have also run some injector cleaner through the system. The fault is still coming up and when it occurs I can feel, that the car is losing power. It seems to be when I put my foot down or when the car is labouring to get up a hill. All other times it is fine and if I stop and kill the ignition then re-start the car, chances are that it will then run OK for a few miles before the fault manifests itself again. I am told by someone that was following me that when the alarm is active, that the car does spew out some black smoke. Am getting pretty fed up with throwing money at this car now and just want to sort it as soon and as cheaply as possible. The car has done loads of miles, but was always regularly maintained and (up until) about 3 months ago was running fine. Could it be to do with the fact that there is a small oil leak at the back of the engine and (maybe) some oil has got in to one or more of the electrical connectors? Any ideas PLEASE??