6th May 2005, 04:57

I have had a Renault Laguna 2.2 D now for four months, and it really is a great pleasure to drive.

That said, I've had to take it back under warranty more than I feel is acceptable - principally due to problems with the turbo system, I'm told. The symptoms are a tremendous loss of power, together with vast clouds of black smoke from the exhaust on acceleration. The electronic diagnostic system tells me that this is a fault with the injection system, and it's happened four time now in three months.

Now I'm finding more than a spot of oil where it's been parked….


9th May 2005, 16:23

I have Laguna 2.2 dci initiale for year and a half.

It is OK, but several minor disturbances. some noises, etc.

I have the same problem with fuel injection Mike!

At Renault service they told me that they just cleaned something and that the bad diesel fuel caused it.

I don't know...


14th Oct 2005, 09:27

Reference the 2.2CDI, Try a search in google for "Renault Laguna Fuel Injection Fault" You will find a forum dedicated to this problem and the Turbo problem. Sit back and hang on for a rough ride because it is grim reading.

2nd Sep 2007, 13:09

I have a laguna 2.2 Initiale and it has done 100000 miles on an 02 plate. I have experienced a plume of black smoke from the exhaust following a warning from the computer that the 'injection system is faulty'. This seems a common fault looking at this forum, just wondering if it is just a case of cleaning something?

Also I have a noise that sounds like a piece of metal is being dragged under the car some of the time in lower gears, though nothing can be seen under the car so assuming that it is a gearbox fault, anyone had the same??


6th May 2008, 09:17

I have a 2002 Renault Laguna and when the weather is hot and dry, the windows squeak when I move them up or down. WD40 does not solve this problem. It disappears as soon as rainfall comes. Any suggestions?


9th Jul 2008, 08:15

Hello People: I just bought a second hand Renault Laguna 2.0 Model Year 2003 at 85,000kms here in Saudi Arabia. I am now the 3rd owner.

I just don't know if it is bad luck or what, yet I still don't want to believe all the bad comments I have found in the Internet regarding this car. However, I have driven the car for only a day, when trouble appeared. It just won't start at all. I have to tow it down to the agency.

I thought it was only due to the keycard, which is already taped. But when the car was unloaded at the agency, the mechanic was able to start it with all ease. However, the mechanic said that it is best to leave the car and have it checked thoroughly. The agency found out that flywheel sensor and connector have open circuit. The rear crankshaft oil is leaking and and so does the oil pan. The aircon compressor seems to be busted as well, as only the driver's side is cooling whereas, the passenger side is not though the thermostat is set almost at the minimum (16 degrees). They also recommended timing belt to be changed following its initial replacement at 55,000 kms. Is this normal for this car at 85,000kms?

I don't want to believe that I made a bad decision in purchasing this car. A word from you guys I guess will help me feel better. I have to pay the agency around US $2,312 for the job mentioned above including spare parts. Actually, the compressor was the most expensive part, and knowing how hot Saudi Arabia becomes, particularly during this time of the year, good airconditioning is a must. By the way, the quoted price also include service such as oil change, oil and aircon filters including oil and other consumables.



1st Oct 2009, 08:55

I think you get good and bad cars, whatever their make and model. I have a 2004 2.0 16v (F4R) and had one issue when starting the car yesterday where I had to reinsert the keycard, and then it started fine! Hopefully just a one off thing.

Had a Volvo before and was a great car, still had its issues, but nothing serious. BTW, had this Laguna for 1 month, so far so good.