8th Apr 2003, 16:45

Got the same problem with rear screen heater not working, on 1996 2.0 RT, heated mirrors work fine and get 0.2amps 12v at the rear screen terminals, but not doing any good.Any suggestions gratefully accepted..email braintony@aol.com.

24th Nov 2003, 12:55

Hello. I have the same problem with my rear window heater.

The wing mirrors work fine and the light comes on and the fuse is fine.

Can someone please let me know how to fix it


25th Nov 2003, 06:37


I have the same issue with my rear window heater. Light comes on & the wing mirrors are fine. But can't see out the back! If anyone does have the answer to this, I'd love to get it. Email somino_calling@yahoo.co.uk. Thanks.

9th Jan 2004, 04:43

All the above problems with the heated rear windscreens are most likely being caused, by one thing. If you peel back the carpet in the boot, on your left hand side, just below the speaker, you will find a white connector block. This needs prising apart and the terminals cleaning, in 90% of cases this seems to cure the problem, although it did not work with mine!! If this helps drop me a line simonacer1@hotmail.com.

3rd Dec 2004, 06:57

Heater Blower will not work on my 1994 Renault Laguna. Any ideas please e-mail me at RABCHALL@AOL.COM.

14th Oct 2007, 08:30

Finally! I've been grappling with a Laguna rear-heater not working for nearly 2 years. Several garages were convinced it was a break in the element, but none have ever been found. I was convinced it was something to do with the earth connection. This thread has proved my thinking was more likely. On inspecting the white connector I've found one of the terminals green! Cleaning doesn't seem to work so I guess installing a by-pass wire is the only option.

Can someone confirm what wire(s) need to be by-passed? Many thanks.

12th Nov 2007, 12:52

First of all, sorry for my bad English.

I do have a Renault Laguna RT from 1994.

First I do have problems with the heating fan. So I disconnected the fan from the system and installed it directly to a switch (manual design + fuse) connected to the car battery. So far so good. The system now blow warm air, but only when the car is idle. The more I drive, the colder the air. I have to note that the temperature meter is pointing between the first bold bar and the second one (only when driving), when the car idle the needle is pointing exact the right position (second bold bar).

Next thing, when I switch the lights on, all dashboard light shows up, but not the one of the heating system. Only the button for the rear window heater lights up.

Does anyone knows what's going wrong? (the situation didn't changed because of the manuel set-up).

15th Nov 2007, 09:58

Problems with the heated rear windscreen: For some reason a common fault on Lagunas. The cabling needs replacing. It goes from the fuse box into a white junction box behind the plastic below the passenger door. This cable then goes to a junction box in the boot. It's best to turn the switch on and test at both these points in case the problem is along there.

The heating fan not blowing hot could be a problem with the heater matrix. There could be several causes, but chances are it's corrosion. You need to disconnect the double hose connection from the matrix and flush the matrix forwards and back several times to make sure it's clear. Just remember after reconnection you will need to bleed the system to remove any air.

The heating control panel not lighting up just sounds lie a blown bulb.

9th Feb 2008, 18:21

I am sorry for my bad english.

I have a laguna 1994 1.8 and have a problem with the gasoline meter; it doesn't work. With a full tank, the meter is on the minimum limit. What can I do to fix this problem?

Thank you.

11th Nov 2009, 09:04

Also regarding white connector block: Spot on!

To make it a little clearer; the connector block is about 2.5 inches by 1.5 inches and is on the left side wall behind the interior under the left speaker, not under the carpet on the floor as I thought.

Mine had a little charring and melted plastic around one of the pins, so I cleaned it and now everything is fine. Thank you.

2nd Mar 2010, 19:31

1994 Laguna RN.

Heated rear window not working problem. I traced mine to the fuse box. The multiplug connector for the rear window in the fuse box had a melted housing, causing one of the contacts to have a poor connection. I chopped the connector out and replaced it by soldering in another one salvaged from the scrapyard. I dropped the fuse box down by removing the Torex screws holding it in; it's a right hand drive car so the fuse box is on the right hand side under the dashboard. I found the problem multiplug just by unplugging them from the fuse box one at a time, and inspecting the connections.

Cold Heater problem. The heater Matrix is bad for blocking up on these cars, and mine was no exception. I replaced the Matrix myself, and it was surprisingly easy to do. You need a set of Torex screw drivers and preferably a 1/4 inch Socket Set. Took a couple of hours in total with no major stripping of the dashboard required (my car has no air con fitted), you just need to remove the glove compartment box. The new Matrix cost me £70 from a local Motor Factor.