1988 Renault Medallion LX 2.2L gasoline from North America


Great car.... Horrible reliability


Timing belt at 3000 miles.

New computer at 3000 miles.

CV joints at 5000 miles.

Radiator at 8000 miles.

New computer at 30000 miles.

Head gasket at 50000 miles.

Cracked block at 60000 miles.

General Comments:

It was a good looking car for the day and handled great. If the car only had an engine and power train that was Japanese, it would have been the best compact sedan on the planet. 3 gears were a joke for the automatic.

A fantastic little car that was the worst in reliability you can ever imagine.

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Review Date: 9th March, 2013

1988 Renault Medallion DL 2.2 from North America


A lot of good memories



General Comments:

Had to add a note, since I stumbled on this site. Our Renault was bought at fire sale price ($7,900) because Chrysler was trying to move anything with a Renault badge on it. It was probably the best buy on a car we ever had, and served us well for five years with zero problems before we went overseas. Great ride and fuel economy, with a cavernous trunk and interior space for a mid-sized car.

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Review Date: 27th July, 2012

1988 Renault Medallion LX 2.2L from North America


A cheap sedan with luxury and sportiness!


Changed the timing belt and arm-control joints.

General Comments:

This is a fabulous car and whoever makes jokes about it is wrong. First of all those who say that it is not reliable, they have to know that they have to change parts as needed, because if they do not, things are going to start go wrong and they are going to blame it on the car and the manufacturer.

The car handles unbelievable. The engine prefers to go at higher RPM and therefore it is very strong when its of the line. It moves around corners like a sports car. In Europe they have made the Renault Medallion as a Renault 21 and a Turbo version is available with four wheel drive with 175bhp. Faster than most American cars and much more economical in comparison with the American V8. Really everybody should have a Renault Medallion at least once in their lifetime. A tip: Try to buy Renaults from older people.

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Review Date: 16th March, 2001

29th Dec 2002, 03:15

The car you call a bomb, is the work of a shoddy garage.

I have a Renault Medallion, and it's been a excellent car.

I would recommend one to anyone if they were still sold here.

25th Apr 2003, 05:57

Medallion, the rest is a silent! poland R21 fan :)

22nd Oct 2003, 15:53

There is absolutely no car I miss more than my Medallion. In the 18 cars I have owned since starting to drive, none has been as comfortable and exciting to drive... such a pleasure it was...