2006 Renault Megane Sportway 1.5 dCi turbo diesel from Turkey


Nice look, roomy and economic


Nothing really!

General Comments:

I owned this car for a year and a half without any problem. It doesn't really feel as reliable as a Corolla, but as long as you do maintain it, it will run smoothly.

Very economic. It consumes 5.1 Lt diesel for 100km.

Very roomy car. Both back and front.

Although it didn't give any problem, I somehow feel it is a little fragile when I compare it to a Honda or Toyota.

Still, I would recommend this car. Make sure you buy a well maintained one or brand new.

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Review Date: 15th January, 2011

2006 Renault Megane Privilege 1.9 dCi turbo diesel from Romania


Buy at your own risk


Lack of power problems since I bought it, no one sorted it out yet (the car barely moves to 2500rpm, then takes off like a rocket - noticeable in 1st and 2nd gear).

Variable steering broke down at around 60000 kilometers - steering doesn't stiffen up with speed.

Metal clunk in the steering column when cornering over bumps at moderate / high speed; appeared at 25000 kilometers, and amplified with time.

Navigation screen sliding mechanism broke down at 65000 kilometers.

Water leaks in storage compartments under the driver's and passenger's feet; appeared at 70000 kilometers.

Airbag contact under driver's seat keeps disconnecting at the slightest contact. Problem appeared at 60000 kilometers.

General Comments:

Overlook some of the problems, and you've got an exceptional performer both in engine performance and handling.

Driving position could have been lower, but you get used to it.

Gas mileage is pretty good, I got 18.82 mpg (8L/100) urban during the winter, average temperature -5 degrees Celsius.

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Review Date: 10th January, 2011

2006 Renault Megane 1.6 from Egypt


Strange sounds coming from front panel, specially during long driving.

When street is bumpy you hear sound fro the steering wheel and you feel that it is shaking below.

General Comments:

The car is very comfortable.

The trunk is big enough to take all your stuff specially when travelling with the family.

Overall performance is very good and you will find options can never find in similar cars. ex, the light and rain sensors.

Safety measures are high which is good for Egyptian roads. Thing that you do not see in the Corolla and Lancer. I do not know why people buy these cars.

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Review Date: 8th July, 2008

2006 Renault Megane 1.5 DCI turbo diesel from UK and Ireland


Good style, comfort and economy, but very unreliable


Diesel leaks requiring new gaskets and starter motors, happened twice within 12 months. A known fault by Renault the dealer showed me what they had to do to repair it.

Master clutch cylinder failed within the first two weeks.

Leaks in the floor pan storage boxes, took two goes to get it repaired.

Total clutch failure at 18,000 miles, all the fluid leaked out had to be towed home by AA.

Paint on internal front door handles flaking off, replaced at 15000.

When AA turned out for the failed clutch we discovered the boot was full of water.

General Comments:

I really enjoy driving this car; got lots of go from the small engine, comfortable, good ride, quiet and very economical; often 55mpg on a long run.

However the reliability issues are a real problem, and the car has spent more time in the garage in the 18 months that I have had it, than most other cars I have owned over 35 years. This will be the last Renault that I buy.

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Review Date: 20th April, 2008

1st May 2008, 13:51

I completely know where you are coming from!

I am at the end of my tether with my Renault Megane Oasis 1.5dci. I bought in Dec 2005, and after only two weeks it broke down on the motorway and the car was recovered to my local Renault dealer, who then tried telling me that I had put the wrong fuel in the car (which I had not).

After a few days in the garage I picked it up only for the same thing to happen again, so back to the garage it went, that car was never seen again as the car was replaced, which you may think to be a suitable resolution! it may have been but since receiving the second car:

The door seal leaks which they have tried to fix twice now -It STILL leaks.

The sunroof opens without any problem -

Won't close without forcing (I haven't opened it again since in case it doesn't close.

The clutch failed at the end of 2007 - and was replaced.

01 May 2008, whilst out driving today it seems the clutch it on it's way out AGAIN!

I have never needed a clutch replacing on a single car that I have owned EVER, let along twice within six months!

This will be the ONLY Renault I will EVER own and the sooner I am shot of it the better.