2016 Renault Megane Touch 1.2 TCE from Turkey


Nice family car with a reliable engine and drivetrain


Nothing serious has happened. Actually the car saw service only one time; they have updated the software and adjusted the doors. Normally Renault cars in Turkey have door insulation problems according to bad road conditions. But this car has went well so far.

General Comments:

It is a silent car. Lots of additions made for comfort by the Daimler Group. Most of the plastics are soft or soft coated. Seats are quite comfy and the fabric looks reliable (not comfortable).

In general this car has good and working options like light and rain sensors, integrated front and back parking sensors, but the music and audio system is below average. You cannot buy anything lower quality than this audio system. If you have the budget, buy the touchscreen version. It is way better than the standard one.

Baggage capacity is fair enough for a hatchback, but still you have the wheel arches. It is efficient enough for a 4 person family.

Automatic A/C is good; air conditioning is something they focused on with this car. I have used a Clio's auto A/C for many years; I can say that it is much faster and accurate.

The engine is good. If you do not push too much, it is economical also. Even though it is a 1.2 liter, it is quite powerful, so I can reach 200km/h on the highway with a full trunk and 4 people in the car. Probably 6th speed is overdrive or very close to overdrive. If you want to make high speeds, you must rev the engine in 5th. in normal conditions

Traction is good; the ESP rarely interferes with the drive. Depending on the quality of the tires, it is OK in both weathers. You can rely it on 120-180km/h after these limits, control feels tricky, but it does its job fine.

Exterior view is good. I like the view of this car, especially at night. Faded lights are really a good thing when you approach the car. I like the look of the car; even though it is a long car for a hatchback, it looks compact.

Also the car is low. You cannot reach every pavement with peace in mind. Especially the front bumper's design is good; sporty, but it allows small crashes like pavements or bars at parking lots.

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Review Date: 9th January, 2018