1993 Renault Safrane RN 2.2 12v VI from Netherlands


I have had some problems with the engine cooling, and because it is one of the earlier models there are some small electronic problems.

General Comments:

I bought the car from a man at our buisiness, and I have (almost) never had a better, smoother or more comfortable car than this one.

My 2.2 vi includes :

- Cruise control.

- Automatic transmission.

- 139 hp.

- 205 kms top speed.

- 0-100 kms in 9.1 seconds - black colour, and all of the French comfort you can get for good money.

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Review Date: 19th December, 2000

2nd Sep 2004, 08:49

Hi mate, can you tell me what problem you had with cooling system? I seem to have one myself now. It heats up in traffic until the half-way mark, which I've been told was high temp (1/4 is normal) and then cools down from there. It used to stay still at 1/4 but now it's going up to half before fans kick in. I think it's the coolant temp sensor, but I can't be sure. Is there a way to bypass that sensor and just make a switch that would turn on/off the cooling fans? You can reply to mkoprulu@yahoo.com thanks.

1993 Renault Safrane Vi 2.0 12v from UK and Ireland


A very good car let down by poor quality electrical equipment


Lights & indicator switches failed twice.

Problems with electrical connections to the engine management system.

Multiple failure of heating/ventilation control cables.

Failure of rear window heater switch.

Multiple failure of the central locking remote key.

Failure of central locking receiver unit.

Failure of door lock on drivers side.

Failure of boot lock.

Failure of ventilation fan control PCB.

Head gasket failure.

Paint peeling from speedometer dial & catching on the speedometer needle.

General Comments:

Excellent ride & quietness although the steering has always pulled to left despite all efforts to fix it.

Very comfortable & spacious.

Good reliability of major mechanicals eg. engine gearbox, clutch etc.

Ownership spoilt by bad electrical equipment. Also spares prices very high. eg. switches, headlamp unit & exhaust system (which fails every year or two).

Although I still own this car I have another as well & it is not a Renault, mainly for these reasons.

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Review Date: 23rd August, 2000

7th Jun 2002, 13:47

I agree with most of these comments. A good spacious comfortable car let down by poor electrics. Door lock on passenger side faulty. Paint peeling on display. Ventilation control cable failed. Fan Control switch only works on full speed. Dims work sporadically due too bad connection. Normal mode wiper failure. Electric mirrors no longer work. Leak sometimes in rear. Electric failure of fuel pump.

15th Dec 2002, 13:43

Safrane's are a great drive and ooze toys and luxury. They are let down by the don't give a damn after sales attitude of Renault dealerships.

Spare parts for Renaults are spectacularly over priced, even the French find spares are a rip off. Strong reliable engines and transmissions are their saving grace.

1993 Renault Safrane RT 3.0 V6i petrol from Finland


Heater is not very effective - at least here in Finland, my feet tend to freeze!

General Comments:

Very comfortable and fast car, one can compare this to MB, BMW, etc.

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Review Date: 31st January, 1999