1998 Renault Safrane Executive 2.5 from UK and Ireland


Nothing as yet.

General Comments:

There are few cars available at ANY price that are more comfortable than Safrane.

2.5 Volvo engine is smooth and I think makes quite a nice powerful noise. Fuel economy at steady 85MPH is 36MPG! Uses more fuel around town though.

Automatic gearbox makes the car an absolute doddle to drive. It's quite smooth although if I was being critical, I would say it is sometimes a little confused as to what gear it should be in. You don't really notice that though.

The cabin is cavernous and is total luxury. Even with the front seats right back, there is enough room for people 6"+ to sit in total comfort in the rear. It is even roomier than my old R25 (that had done 175,000 miles when I sold it and it was running for a couple more years after that until it was written off).

I bought this 6 year old car with a genuine 30090 miles on it. It came with a full service history incl. having it's 70,000 miles cambelt service at 29,000 miles. I got it for less than 4000ukp! (Or a deposit on a new Laguna and I'm fairly sure I won't be on first name terms with the dealer as a Safrane owner)

Overall, so far I am very impressed with this car and would highly recommend to anyone who values comfort and a great motorway cruiser.

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Review Date: 4th June, 2004

5th Jun 2004, 03:53

Nice review. It's nice to see that there are people appreciating cars for what they offer rather for their badge (or lack of it).

8th Jun 2004, 14:02

Absolutely. I am not saying that this car competes with the Jags, BMW's and Mercs of this world (although to be honest I don't rate them that highly!) but what it does do is offer an amazing car for the price of a 2 year old Ford Ka or similar. I've always been a sucker for the big French execs as they are so cheap to buy and despite what many people believe, go on forever. Some of the electrics can be dodgy, but you take that into account in the asking price for this car. Everyone who has been out with me in the car cannot believe I payed less than £10k for it (let alone less than £4k!) One of my friends prefers his Safrane to his other car, a Jag XJ8. Yes, they are a bit ugly from the rear although elegant from every other angle, they're not built like the Germans (Yawn) and probably not most people's cup of tea, but I'm grateful for that!

1998 Renault Safrane Executive 2.5 20v from UK and Ireland


A brilliant second hand buy!


Door pocket lid on passenger side has come off.

Fuel injection sensor needs to be replaced.

General Comments:

Drives like a dream.

The leather still makes the car smell like new and feels like your driving about in your favorite chair.

It is fully loaded with every possible toy.

It's far more car for the money with an excellent name like Renault behind it.

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Review Date: 28th October, 2003

10th Oct 2004, 08:33

Excellent car, very comfortable. Funnily enough however I have had the very same faults as experienced by previous contributor i.e. lid broken off on right-hand door compartment, and needed cam shaft sensor replaced in respect of fuel injection system. The 2.5 litre Volvo engine makes all the difference to the performance. The 2 litre version is a bit sluggish for the solid bodywork of this big vehicle.

18th Jan 2005, 08:39

We have had the exact same faults! However, we are extremely pleased with our purchase and enjoy every drive made in it. A lot of car (secondhand) for the money with fantastic boot space.

1st Nov 2007, 10:33

I Purchased a Safrane RTE Executive 6 months ago and guess what? My drivers door pocket lid has come off too! Suggest super-gluing it back on as I have done - they do make a comfortable arm rest.

It's an outstanding car for the money with a real feel-good comfortable driving position.I Drove 352 miles in it without a break once and didn't even feel journey tired after wards.

The spec is very high compared to other makes price for price.

I certainly recommend one, you won't be disappointed!