4th Jan 2001, 07:35

I find the ('98) Scenic front seats very uncomfortable. I suffer from a bad back and have found driving long distances really bad.

Apart from this, the car has been fantastic, the service at Renault is beyond bad, shame really as the car is a winner, but the London City dealership lets the whole thing down.

p.s. Was anyone else given a £7 petrol voucher when you purchased a brand new £14k car? Talk about tight Renault!

13th Jan 2001, 09:28

I noticed my back aching the first couple of times I drove my Scenic, since then though, nothing at all.

My local Renault dealership I believe hasn't such a good reputation so I bought one from a Renault dealership 15 miles from where I live. Their service has been first class. The dealership is in Cressing, Essex.

21st Sep 2001, 00:53

Be aware that you can adjust the angle of the seat cushion, by loosing the seat (2 screws) from the frame. The seat can then be tilted in front, (3 different positions) so that it gives more support to the legs. The whole operation takes about 15 minutes, and is a revolution to the car's driving position.

9th Jan 2002, 06:48

I had one of the first Scenics and the seats were so bad I ended up having an operation (£6K... thank you NHS.. NOT).

After the operation (disc out) I fitted a Recaro and the car was transformed, the Recaro wasn't cheap (£1500) but worth every penny. I bought a second Scenic last year, but unfortunately got a lemon - Renault didn't want to know so I sold it out of frustration and now have a Mondeo!!

Renault push the 100% customer satisfaction down your throat, but when there is a problem, they don't want to know. I'll never buy another car from them.

12th May 2002, 04:58

I always wondered why my neck hurt when driving my wife's Scenic (or Seasick as I call it because of the way it corners). Now I know I'm not the only one suffering.

8th Mar 2006, 04:40

I'm reading the former comments with???

I bought a used Scenic yesterday, and had to drive it home 250 Km. I use to get back age driving only 100 Km, but not in this car! My former car was a Renault Laguna RXE, - an excellent car - great value for money - but in that car I used to get back age.